The Chicken Rice Shop


I saw The Chicken Rice Shop in Vivo City when I was in Singapore last February. With so many food to try and so little space available in my stomach, I decided to pass the chance. Lucky me, Pancake House Group brought The Chicken Rice Shop here in Manila.

Nyonya Pai Tee

I have already dined at The Chicken Rice Shop in Sta Lucia East Grandmall a few days after arriving from my vacation. Nyonya Pai Tee is the appetizer that tickled my taste buds. This appetizer is similar to Manila's fried vegetable lumpia.  And because I love lumpia so much, Nyonya Pai Tee is an instant favorite.

Curry Laksa

Laksa is one dish that I was so curious to try but afraid that I might not like the taste. I've been seeing a lot about Laksa on the Asian Food Channel and how the people eating it seem to enjoy the food.  When I saw a friend's Curry Laksa post on instagram, I told myself I must taste this the soonest time possible. The Chicken Rice Shop's Curry Laksa costs only P158 for a generous serving. 

I'm curious no more. Eating Laksa is now off my bucket list. I also realized that there is nothing extraordinary about the taste. It's something I can eat and enjoy. But I do wish I'll be able to taste laksa in Singapore or Malaysia.

Kuching 3 Layer Tea

This should look like a 3 layer tea but I got excited I stirred it before realizing I need to take a snapshot. This drink was recommended by the attendant the first time I dined at The Chicken Rice Shop. If you are into milk teas, you'll definitely love the Kuching 3 Layer Tea.

The Chicken Rice Shop
G/L Phase 3 Sta Lucia East Grand Mall
Marcos Highway Cainta, Rizal
(632) 681.5217