Bien Louis: Cuddled in Heaven


Today is the 2nd Birthday of Bien Louis. Journeyco and Jobel prepared a Mickey Mouse theme party at Taytay Memorial. Bien was diagnosed with biliary atresia and was scheduled to fly to Taiwan on the 26th of August 2012 for his liver transplant but sadly, he passed away three days before the scheduled flight. 

Disney Themed Birthday Cake

Chocolate dipped Mallow Pops made by Bien's mom

Loot Bags for the guests

Precious Little One,
We had you in our lives such a very short time,
but we’ll hold you in our hearts forever. 
It seemed like only a fleeting moment,
but it was long enough to see you, touch you, hold you, love you. 
It was long enough to know that your life was indeed a gift-
no matter how brief,
no matter how fragile,
Your life was indeed a gift,
and we’ll hold you in our hearts forever.