Citi Smiles Thank You Lunch


I was invited by Citibank to a lunch get together of the Citi Smiles Winners and Finalists. I shared my Citibank Smile Story on Citibank's Facebook last July. My story was chosen and as a token I was given an iPad Mini.

We shared the table with Dave Stoughton, Head of Credit Payment Products and Jenny Zhu-Hipolito, VP Cash and Travel Card Products Head. 

They are very enthusiastic with the new products and features to be launched soon. They also asked feedbacks from us on how to further improve the services offered by Citibank and what other features and products do we want.

Lunch was sumptuous. Dessert was heavenly. The conversation was casual, enjoyable and sensible. An experience that made me smile.

Then there's more reasons to smile.

I love this single serve coffee maker.

Okay, it's my fault the cake looks weird. But this cheesecake is sooo YUMMY.

Thanks, CITIBANK. For the smiles. :D