Tipas Hopia


I think Tipas Hopia is the first hopia I have tasted. This hopia is so popular and you can buy per piece at your favorite sari-sari store (retail store). I remember people calling this Tipas instead of hopia just like people calling the LPG as Gasul or calling all toothpaste Colgate.I thought Tipas is a surname but when some residents of Taguig watched Eat Bulaga, they brought boxes of Tipas Hopia for Vic Sotto. Vic asked about Tipas. It was only then that I learned that Tipas is a place in Taguig.

My sister showed me where to buy Tipas Hopia in Marikina Public Market. A box of 10 costs P27. I can eat four pieces in one sitting. I like Tipas because the hopia is not very sweet.

Best paired with ice cold Coca Cola!