What Is.. A Persimmon?


If you live in a country where persimmons do not exist, you'll mistake this picture as a tomato. When a friend of mine told me that they have a persimmon tree in their backyard in La Puente, California and that she's gonna bring some when she returns to the Philippines I immediately googled about the fruit because I have no idea how it looks like.

Persimmon is mainly found in China. It was then grown in Japan and Korea. They grow best in places where summer is not scorching hot and the winter is not freezing cold. Persimmons are now also grown in California and Europe. 

This fruit is low in calories but a very rich source of dietary fiber. It is also a good source of Vitamin C and contains a healthy amount of B-Complex vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and folic acid. Persimmons also contain antioxidants and anti-tumor compound betulinic acid.

How do you eat a persimmon?

Persimmon can be eaten fresh like how you would eat an apple. I like mine sliced into bite size. I love the crunchy sound as my teeth sink into the fruit. It also has a delicate sweet taste. Persimmon can also be cooked. In Korea, it is used as one of the ingredients in the traditional fruit punch sujeonggwa (수정과, 水正果). Dried persimmons are also used as fruit toppings to breakfast cereals, cookies, cakes and salads.

Want some? :)