Starbucks: Say YES to Rewards


Offer me a card and say the magic word "Rewards"... I'll say YES right away.

Yup. I'm a sucker for that. Even my Citibank is a Rewards card.

I (intentionally) arrived four hours early for my dentist appointment in anticipation of a heavy downpour. My effort of waking up early paid off because while I was making up my mind on what to eat, the rain poured like there's no tomorrow. I had a candid conversation with the barista about the weather, food choices and whatnot. 

She asked me if I already have a Starbucks Card and I said I don't have yet. She showed me this cute transparent plastic (I almost said yes because I like the look of the card) and somehow she sensed my hesitation in availing. Then she followed up with a "it will earn you a reward with every use and you'll get a frappuccino upon registering and you'll get a slice of cake on your birthday. 

There. I stored a thousand bucks.

I've got an hour more before my dentist appointment. Before my pocket wifi's battery die, I need to register at