My Comfort Food: A Tribute To Noodles


The first spoonful sip of the broth of a smoking hot bowl of noodles gives me so much comfort. A kind comfort no human being can provide.

Here are my favorite hot bowls :)

Pho Nam, Chin, Gan, Bo Vien

My favorite noodle restaurant is Pho Hoa. I eat here a lot. The first time I ate here and ordered pho, the first to arrive was a plate of leaves, bean sprouts and a slice of lemon. And I don't what what to do with it. I simply devoured the bowl of pho as plainly as it was served. Then I researched when I got home. I learned that the leaves are Thai basil. And you put everything in.

I always order #50 on Pho Hoa's menu. It's the Pho Nam, Chin, Gan, Bo Vien which translates to 

Pho - noodles
Nam - beef flank
Chin - beef brisket
Gan - beef tendon
Bo Vien - beef meat balls

Oh well, I just say #50.

It was two bowls ago when I started pouring Sriracha Chili Sauce and drizzle with a bit of hoisin. Oh my.. I'm salivating!!! Makes me want to go to Vietnam and taste the authentic.

Beef Asado Wonton

I have dined at Masuki Megamall three times already. My first visit at Masuki was last December 2013 with my sister Olive. The next two visits I was alone. What I really like about it is the nostalgia. The smell as I enter the restaurant reminds me of Ma Mon Luk where I used to eat with my parents when I was I child. The menu is very simple. Most of the diners order a siopao to go with the noodles. I'm a bola-bola siopao fanatic since birth (hehe!!)

Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se

According to the waitress at Kichitora Tokyo in SM Megamall, the Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se is one of their bestsellers.  This famous ramen is topped with pork chashu, dried seaweed, bamboo shoots, ajitsuke tamago and dashed with garlic oil. True enough, the broth was so rich in flavor. I have yet to return to Kichitora.

Sanpou Ramen Tonkotsu

I remember being so tired and dizzy enjoying Universal Studios Singapore from morning until closing. We were looking for a place to eat dinner when we passed by RamenPlay at Resorts World Sentosa. The best way to describe how good this bowl of ramen was -- I felt revitalized.  I wonder when I'll be able to enjoy another bowl of Sanpou Ramen Tonkotsu.

Are you also a noodle fanatic like me? Let me know where to eat next and what should I order. :)