The Starbucks VIA Ready Brew has been our breakfast companion since it was introduced in the Philippines. My husband is the coffee drinker. He is the one who benefits from the Starbucks VIA whenever I'm too lazy to brew.  I do drink coffee occasionally but I prefer it blended or iced. 

Whenever I buy the Italian Roast or Colombia, the barista offers me the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Specialty Coffee Beverage. I always decline but when I found out how super ready to drink this is (just add hot water!) I finally purchase the Caffe Mocha variant. And then the Caramel Latte. I have yet to try the Vanilla Latte. I drink this for breakfast but iced. I'm just not a hot beverage drinker.

You can also order the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Specialty Beverage at Starbucks.  There's a promo from October 27-29 at Starbucks. Purchase a French Vanilla Latte (hot, iced or blended) and receive a second French Vanilla Latte for FREE.


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