Where To Buy Bridal and Wedding Fabrics: JJMJJ House of Fabrics


107 days to go before my sister's Big Day and so we started shopping for fabrics for the entourage. Today is a holiday and we decided  to brave the very crowded Divisoria instead of the weekend. 

My sister did her assignment of googling for tips on where to buy in Divisoria to save us time. A bride who also did the fabric shopping when she was preparing for her wedding recommended JJMJJ House of Fabrics.

JJMJJ House of Fabrics is located at a corner stall BB- 6&8 Building 2 of 999 Shopping Mall along Recto Avenue.

We were greeted by the bubbly co-owner, Ms. Jo (I hope I got her name right) who graciously assisted us and even gave us suggestions. To avoid yourself from bumping into grumpy sellers (we met some!) I highly recommend that you head directly to JJMJJ House of Fabrics. 

We were done shopping for fabrics in less that 30 minutes. Ms Jo was also kind enough to offer to safe keep the fabrics while we shop for other items. She even recommended where to buy appliques and ribbons.