Beans and Leaves: Never Again


There's this new milk tea place near the creekside along Lilac/Olive St in SSS Village Marikina. My sister and nephew bought Wintermelon Milk Tea exactly a week ago and my sister told me that my nephew liked it. We passed by this afternoon and I decided to try their milk tea. I was so looking forward to write a good feature of this establishment on my website. But...

There was a limited choice today because most of the flavors are not available. I settled for the Black Forest and my sister ordered Wintermelon. While waiting for our order, I saw these post-its on the wall of the customers who I supposed liked the milk teas. I got excited. I saw that they have free wifi so I was considering returning here after today whenever I don't feel like going to Starbucks. (By the way, I have an unlimited data plan so the free wifi doesn't really mean anything to me.)

My sister thought that I took the wrong straw because obviously the pearls won't be able to pass through the regular straw. So I asked the attendant who prepared and she told me the milk tea I ordered don't have pearls. So I told her, I thought the milk tea have pearls. She said " wala kasi kaming pearls ngayon".

Oh well. Super two thumbs down! She should have informed me when I ordered that they don't have pearls. Considering I paid for the full amount which should include pearls. And had I not asked, she didn't have the intention of telling me!

And this is how my Black Forest milk tea looked like. There are white powdery substance that didn't mixed well or didn't dissolve.

Verdict: Never will I return here. It's way cheaper than Infinitea but I'd rather pay more for something that gives value for my money.