Giordano Circus 25th Anniversary Party


Giordano Philippines had a circus-inspired party at the open park of Eastwood Mall last Saturday and it was the best event I've attended in 2014. I felt like a child again.

The fair registration booth opened at 12 noon. Despite the heat of the sun, the kids and the kids at heart flocked at the venue.

After registration, I was handed an activity stub. This is FREE of charge. Giordano is very generous and wants everyone to enjoy and have fun!

FREE Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Bottled Water, Ice Cream and Ice Scramble

I was wearing my Giordano World Without Strangers Tee. I have yet to buy again all the colors of the Classic Tee. Oh so reminds me of college days!

One item crossed out of my bucket list because of Giordano Philippines. My first ever henna tattoo!! I was so delighted I made a separate blog entry for this. Read story HERE.

Instead of face paint, my nephew had this dragon drawn on his arm like a tattoo.

Color Game

Strike - 3

Tic Tac Toe

Something Fishy

Tumble Me

Ring O' Bottle

Hoop Shoot

Basket Toss

Men on stilts never fail to amaze me.

I was trying to look fierce haha.. 

He interviewed me and I'm not sure if what I said made any sense. 

Juggling Act

I want to know my fortune but it  the Fortune Teller has ran out psychic power.

Whether by pure luck or skill, you'll get a ticket stub from every booth you visit. The ticket stubs can be exchanged for mugs, pens and stuffed toys.

We've got these cute toys -- a giraffe and a dolphin.

Aside from the booths and games, there were shows at the main stage. Circus performers entertained the audience. There was also a Fashion Show featuring the 2014 Fall/Winter Collection. And to cap the party, there was a concert performance by Brownman Revival, Franco and Rico Blanco.

During the Giordano Circus 25th Anniversary Party, Giordano has created a Party (World) Without Strangers. I met two ladies from Nueva Vizcaya who I converse with every time I bump into them. People who do know know each other are cheering for anyone trying their luck in the games. There are happy faces everywhere you look. 

THANK YOU, Giordano Philippines!!!