Hair and Makeup by Mary Grace Liao


Mary Grace Liao is a friend and a former colleague who found out that her passion is not in engineering but in cosmetology. She was the Champion in Bridal Makeup Competition in Cosmetologie 2012. She was also awarded the Best in Make-Up and Best in Hairstyle by RRLI Alabang.

When I was told a year ago that my brother in law is getting married, I immediately booked Grace. I know how popular she is with brides-to-be that I did not waste a day. 

I've been admiring the make up transformations of her clients and I so love how she enhances the eyebrows and the eyes.

I requested her to do the Airbrush Makeup on me. I was so happy with my transformation and how she was able to open up my super chinky eyes. She applied the airbrush makeup around one in the afternoon. The wedding and the after party went as late as one in the morning. Twelve hours and my make up was still intact.

Super thank you Grace!!! You know how happy I am!

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