Inspired Saturday: Five Tips and Five Ways


It was an unusual Saturday morning for me. I woke up at 7am. Too early for my usual 9am waking time. I don't really know what it is about this morning that got me excited to start the day. If eating Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon has something to do with it, then I'd prepare that every night! 

Seriously, having the Belle de Jour Power Planner made my life more organized and focus oriented. Speaking of focus oriented, the topic this morning at Magbago Tayo was so timely. I love watching this show but since I always wake up late, I usually catch the later part and not my favorite Change 101.

Magbago Tayo's Change 101 shared by Mr. Ardy Abello about the Five Tips To Unlock Your Potentials was lifted from Mr. John Maxwell.

Five Tips To Unlock Your Potentials:

  1. FOCUS on your strength.
  2. FOCUS on today.
  3. FOCUS on your priorities.
  4. FOCUS on results.
  5. FOCUS on your contributions.

Then after the segment, I browsed my January calendar and I can't help but start planning for February. I've got a new client website to manage and a big clan event will happen in 2016 and I'm one of the organizers. I'll be getting busier than usual.

It's the month of love and Belle de Jour listed Five Ways to Love Yourself More on the February page. A great reminder that no matter how busy I get, never forget to always have time for myself.

I started loving myself more since I came across the line "let what you love be what you do". I even made it my website tagline. 

I wanna share Belle de Jour's Five Ways To Love Yourself More:

  1. Watch your words.
  2. Take time off to do nothing.
  3. Reconnect with your BFFs.
  4. Say what you really want.
  5. Dream big.
I need to work on #1 and #4. 2015 has just begun. And I'm starting to love myself more NOW.