In My Bucketlist:Explore Calaguas with Sandview Travel Calaguas


Feeling the heat as early as 7am? Well, summer is here!!! Every morning before I get out of bed, images of the beach and powdery white sands keep flashing on my mind. I must plan a vacation soon!

This summer, I want to explore Calaguas Island. I want a perfect vacation and with Sandview Travel Calaguas I know this will be a summer to remember.

"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. 
The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace."

The serene group of islands of Calaguas is situated in the province of Camarines Norte. You can get here by air or by land. And though there is no cellphone signal here, you will not run out of activities to make you forget about your gadgets.

Five Reasons Why I Want To Stay In Calaguas

1. I want to experience sleeping by the shore in a tent.

There are no hotels in Calaguas Island. Sandview Travel Calaguas provides tent accommodation to make you feel as close to nature as possible. I want to be lullabied and awaken by the whispers of the waves.

2. I want to be one with the ocean and be like a child.

I want to forget beating deadlines and chasing cabs. I just want to be chased by the water. I want my feet to play with the soft waves. I want to leave footprints and have them washed out and then we'll do it over and over again to remind me that in life it is possible to start over.

3. I want to drive around riding an ATV.

I want an escape from the traffic. I want to drive around without worrying about getting late for an appointment. I want to breathe the fresh air while enjoying the view of the surrounding. No eyesores. No pollution.

4. I want to feast.

I want to enjoy the food without thinking about calorie intake. Sandview Travel will take care of all my meals so all I have to do is eat :)

5. I want a ME-time.

I want to just bum around. I want to be free from the hustle and bustle of my crazy urban life. I want to be free from the expectations of the world. I want to feel the sand on my skin. I want to be kissed by the sun. I want to be refreshed by the sea. 

I want a worry-free, stress-free getaway. I'll just pack my bags, pick a tour package and let Sandview Travel Calaguas take care of everything. 

First and exclusive!!! 
ATV ride is now available in Calaguas island offered only by Sandview Travel.