We always see facebook posts of people who can't wait for Friday to come and dread the idea of Monday. Shouldn't we be thankful for Mondays? Wouldn't it be great to start the week with a positive attitude? 

I opened my Belle de Jour Power Planner this morning to pen my schedule for August (yeah, usually a week advance) and update the list for this week. I woke up today with a bad headache carried over from yesteday. I wanna be cranky but then I read this when I opened Week 31..

"I can be in a good mood or in a bad mood.
The choice is always mine."

What's your choice?


  1. The choice is always with thank you for reminding me with this great yet simple piece of yours.

  2. Yes, I always consider myself to be lucky when I have an opportunity to choose. Not all people are given that kind of blessing every day :-)

  3. Agreed! the choice is always ours..I always start my Monday with coffee and task list checking :)

  4. Thanks for this reminder. I am always cranky when I cant get enough sleep. Next time I will choose not to be cranky. God bless!!

  5. Great reminder! Sometimes I also have tantrums. You are right, the choice is ours. :)

  6. This is very true. I get easily annoyed at people who complain every Monday. Monday to me symbolizes a new week which I'm thankful to still have... to be living for another week. Why is it so hard for others to be positive.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)