The UST Growling Tigers had a heartbreaking loss against FEU at the 78th season of UAAP.  Two months after the championship games, the Growling Tigers is facing a controversy. There are issues about hazing, bullying and game-selling. 

As a Thomasian, it is very difficult for me to accept that these things are happening. I don't want to judge any members of the Growling Tigers. I have watched the basketball games and I have witnessed how they've given all that they've got. I know that there were games the star players were not as productive as we expect them to be. But those things happen.

The coach, Bong dela Cruz, is a UST high school star. I know he loves UST as much as we alumni do. I pray that the issues being thrown at him are not true. I would like to share the official statement of Coach Bong dela Cruz.

*images courtesy of The Varsitarian


  1. Grabe no? I saw the headlines pero I admit, I do not really read the content or news itself.

    I do feel for you. Syempre there is pride and what has been happening threatens to destroy the good image of UST and the basketball program.

    I certainly hope that the issues would be settled sooner, rather than later, and that there would be no trial by publicity.

    1. Yeah sobrang nakakalungkot syempre because somehow I believe na yung loyalty sa school and the values taught to us are greater than money.

  2. I don't know a thing about this but I can really tell how passionate you are about this. Thanks for sharing

  3. Nakakalungkot talaga isipin dapat makuntento na lang kung anu ang resulta.pag natalo nadaya pag nanalo naman nandaya.the usual issue

  4. I've heard about this and it's really a sensitive issue to talk about. Let's just hope it's not true and if in case it is, Mr. Bong dela Cruz would learn his lesson or that the school should at least find another coach for the team. I'm pretty sure that this controversy is affecting not only the coach and his family but the entire UST family as well. Luckily, it's not that sensationalized by the media.

  5. Money can't buy dignity or happiness.

    Pero, it can buy you cars, gadgets or house.

    Or pang tuition fee nila.

    Nasira nga lang reputation nung school.

  6. Aww. My sister is also a Thomasian and she felt sad and disappointed with this issue. I hope this will be settled the soonest.

  7. I dont know this so can't really leave my feedback regarding it, but hopefully this will be settled and that no innocent will be involved.

  8. I think these things are happening sa lahat ng school. Eto lang may matapang nag expose sa UST.


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