Nothing A Red Lipstick Can't Fix


Last April was extremely tough. I was physically drained and emotionally exhausted. It was full of what ifs and whys. I was fighting not to fall back into the pit of depression. May was better. And then another one hit me. I wish I could elaborate but this is something I've been keeping to myself for years and I can't share just yet. 

I have been into stress eating for weeks and gained the weight I worked hard to shed off for months. I promised myself to get back in shape come June and yesterday while I was putting on my plate every dessert available on the buffet, I realized it is already June! 

This morning I woke up very early. I stayed in bed for two more hours lazily browsing my phone. I turned off the airconditioner and the heat slowly filled the room. Something to force me to get up. I then went downstairs and checked the fridge. I saw leftover pizza. I love leftover pizza. Popped a slice in the oven and while waiting for it, I remember I bought a MAC lipstick yesterday. 

So this is an #iwokeuplikethis photo except that I put a lipstick on. I'm not really into red lipsticks but I thought I need one to brighten up on days like these. I say I made a good choice with Relentlessly Red. Felt a bit better now. :)

I wonder, what gives men comfort?