51Talk Teacher Nisha: Empowered Through Teaching English Online


English Online Teacher

Meet Nisha, a dedicated 36-year-old Physics and Mathematics public school teacher from Nueva Ecija, Philippines. In pursuit of her true calling, she views teaching as the noblest profession, shaping not only academic achievements but also unlocking the potential within each student. Nisha's story takes a remarkable turn as she discovers the opportunity to thrive as an online English teacher with 51Talk, the fastest-growing online English Language Teaching (ELT) platform in China and the Philippines.

A True Calling

For Nisha, teaching is not just a job; it's a calling. Despite facing financial challenges, she prioritizes staying close to her husband and child. The prospect of working abroad looms, but Nisha finds solace in the opportunities provided by 51Talk, which has become a beacon for teachers seeking economic stability without sacrificing family ties.

51Talk: Transforming Lives Through Online Teaching

Since its establishment in 2011, 51Talk has become a global leader in professional online English education. Operating in the Philippines since 2012, the platform has created thousands of opportunities for home-based teachers, employing over 7,000 dedicated educators. Nisha's journey with 51Talk goes beyond financial gains, evolving into a profound love for her work fueled by passion and dedication.

Empowering Educators

Nisha's story represents a larger movement towards empowering educators through a strategic partnership between 51Talk and the PLDT-Smart Foundation's Gabay Guro advocacy. Recognizing the impact teachers can have on society, this collaboration aims to uplift qualified teacher members of Gabay Guro by providing them with digital livelihood opportunities through 51Talk.

Partnership for Progress

The official signing of the partnership agreement between 51Talk and Gabay Guro on September 22, 2016, marked a significant milestone. This collaboration ensures that qualified teachers endorsed by Gabay Guro undergo 51Talk's stringent selection process. Selected teachers receive free training in English proficiency, online teaching skills, and gain access to 51Talk's cutting-edge platform and educational materials.

Nisha's Testimony

Nisha, like many other teachers, has experienced tangible benefits from this partnership. Beyond financial gains, she credits 51Talk for supporting her pursuit of a master's degree. The company's training programs have transformed her into a more well-rounded teacher, reinforcing her passion for education.

Nisha's journey with 51Talk showcases the transformative impact of online education on the lives of dedicated educators. The partnership with Gabay Guro underscores the commitment of 51Talk to empower teachers, providing not just economic stability but also avenues for professional growth. As 51Talk continues to revolutionize online English education, stories like Nisha's exemplify the profound impact on educators and the communities they serve.