51Talk Teacher Nisha: Empowered Through Teaching English Online

51Talk teacher Nisha is a 36-year old Physics and Mathematics public school teacher from Nueva Ecija. She believes that teaching is a true calling. Considered the most noble among the professions, teaching allows teachers to play an important role not just in the academic achievements of their students, but also in bringing out their potential.

Nisha has considered working abroad to make ends meet but she could not sacrifice being separated with her husband and child. Good thing, 51Talk has opened up an opportunity for her to earn more. 51Talk is the fastest growing online English Language Teaching (ELT) platform in China and the Philippines. Since it began operating in the Philippines in 2012, 51Talk has created thousands of opportunities for home-based teachers, employing more than 7,000 part-time and full-time English online teachers working in the comfort of their homes.

"51Talk has definitely helped me in many ways. I have gotten this far in my master's degree because of the additional earnings I get as an online English teacher. With the training that 51Talk provides, I have become a more well-rounded teacher," shared Nisha. At first, her main goal was to earn more but her passion and dedication to teaching has made her enjoy and fall in love with her work.

Teachers like Nisha now have the opportunity to be empowered and reach economic stability through the partnership between 51Talk and PLDT-Smart Foundation Gabay Guro advocacy. 51Talk has been recognized as the best and largest professional online English school in the world since its establishment in 2011. The company was recently listed at the NYSE.

51Talk and Gabay Guro officially signed the partnership agreement last September 22, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas, Pasig City. 51Talk will offer digital livelihood to qualified teacher members of Gabay Guro.

Gabay Guro will endorse qualified teachers who will immediately undergo 51Talk's stringent selection process. Chosen teachers will be given free training on English proficiency, online English teaching skills, and will have access of 51Talk's platform and educational materials.

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