New Jollibee Chickenjoy TVC Brings Joy Back To The Filipino Table


Today, with the wave of exciting technological innovations and new apps, people are becoming more preoccupied with their gadgets. Whether it means replying to important work emails, keeping attuned to the latest updates on social media, or fighting off and catching virtual monsters, this new normal of being glued to our screens has kept us from experiencing important and joyous face-to-face moments with family members and loved ones.

Bringing joy to the table

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast food brand, recognizes this new reality and is encouraging Filipino families to bring joy back to their tables with the best-tasting crispylicious, juicylicious, and gravylicious Chickenjoy through a new TV commercial entitled “Bunso.”

The TVC gives viewers a glimpse of a typical modern Pinoy family’s day. In the video, the youngest daughter—the adorable bunso—wants to play and spend time with her father and siblings. However, Ate and Kuya are busy updating social media accounts and playing games, while Dad is in the middle of an important work call.

Bunso appears to sadly wonder—through a softhearted rendition of the OPM classic “Ewan”—why it is difficult to talk to her family. “Mahirap kausapin at ‘di pa namamansin,” Bunso laments. “’Di mo ba alam, ako’y nasasaktan?”

Just when the bunso was about to feel dismayed, her face lights up as Mom enters with a bucket of Chickenjoy for the family. As soon as Mom and bunso lift the bucket’s lid, the aroma draws the rest of the family to the dining table. Gadgets are temporarily set aside and the whole family gathers around their favorite Jollibee meal for a joyful quality time together.

“Technology has allowed us to stay up-to-date with whatever’s happening all over the world,” said Kent Mariano, Jollibee Philippines AVP for Marketing. “But despite the many benefits of being online all the time, sometimes technology makes us forget the important things that are also right in front of us. That’s why we must also remember to pause once in a while and savor the joy of missing out on gadgets and devices to enjoy personal face-to-face connections with our loved ones. This is the message we hope to share in our newest Chickenjoy TVC.”

“For years, Jollibee and our best-tasting Chickenjoy have remained committed to making family bonding moments more delicious, unforgettable, and joyful,” Mariano added. “There’s no better place to start than at the dining table, the very heart of the Pinoy home.”

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