Ghella's Kitchen: Authentic Malaysian Restaurant In Marikina


I have indulged in Malaysian cuisine during my trips to Singapore a few years ago. Malaysia's proximity to Singapore is one of the reasons why Malaysian food found its way to Singapore. I wasn't able to cross border but I was very fortunate to taste their food.  Malaysian cuisine is also influenced by the Indonesians, Chinese and Indians making it bursting with flavor and spices.

I never thought that 15 minutes from where I reside, there's a restaurant serving authentic Malaysian cuisine. Ghella's Kitchen is located at the back of McDonald's in Marcos Highway across Sta Lucia East Grand Mall. They started their operation in this location last October 2016. The restaurant is very accessible to public transportation.  I was invited by the owner through Yvonne of

I'm planning a trip to Malaysia next year but my craving for their food can't wait any longer. Check out what I had at Ghella's Kitchen.

Roti Telur. Flat bread with egg filling. Choice of curry or milk sauce. PhP65

A dish that has haunted me for years since I first had a bite is the roti prata. Roti Prata is a flatbread of Indian influenced and traditionally served with curry sauce. Ghella's Kitchen serves Roti Telur (flatbread with egg filling). I have a big expectation on this one and though I felt a lack of spiciness from the curry sauce, I wasn't disappointed either. 

The saving grace!!! The sweet milk is so perfect for the roti. I really fell in love with this. A "must order" when you visit Ghella's Kitchen. Pair this with Teh Tarik. This is my new comfort food.

Laksa Noodles. Rice stick noodles, laksa paste, cucumber, prawn, chicken, pineapple, sprouts. PhP180

Fish Mango with Nasi. Cream Dory, sweet chili sauce, green mango strips served with Nasi. PhP180

I never liked cream dory. I wasn't aware I was already eating dory when the Fish Mango with Nasi was served. If you don't want to eat meat for whatever reason, try this one.

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Buttered Prawn with Nasi. Fried prawn with butter and chili. PhP240

This is the restaurant's bestseller and sadly I wasn't able to taste this because I'm allergic to prawns. Oh sad. My fellow foodie bloggers loved this and I can't relate. :(

Buttered Chicken with Nasi. Breast fillet, with butter and chili served with Nasi. PhP200

Ayam Penyet. Quarter cut of chicken served with sambal sauce. PhP150

Who doesn't love fried chicken? Ghella's Ayam Penyet is subtly spiced and the sambal sauce was a surprise treat. I never thought sambal sauce will complement the chicken. I've only tried sambal sauce on stingray when I was in Singapore. Actually, their sambal sauce goes well with anything fried! Please make this available in a bottle!!! I'm definitely buying!

Mee Goreng. Dry noodles mixed with authentic spices, herbs and vegetables. PhP90

Malaysian Drinks. Bandung (with Rose Syrup), Soya Cincau and Teh Tarik

Restaurants are sprouting like mushroom all over Marikina but most of them serve the same kind of food. If you haven't tried Malaysian Cuisine, it's about time you visit Ghella's Kitchen.

Ghella's Kitchen
GF MEC Building
Pitpitan St. San Roque, Marikina City
0927.342.9497 | (02) 706.2634

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