Wok With Yan And Other 80s Television Childhood Memories


Who among you still remember Wok With Yan? Watching the cooking show of Stephen Yan was one of my family's favorite bonding activity during weekends. It was only today that I learned from wikipedia that this was a Canadian television show. My favorite part of the show was when Stephen let the audience taste the dishes he prepared. I will definitely enjoy watching a rerun of this show!

Here's a video of Stephen cooking Beef and Broccoli


image: http://www.macgyveronline.com/
How resourceful can you get? I have been fascinated by MacGyver's ability to turn ordinary things into useful non-violent weapon to bail him out from any situation. He proved that Swiss Army Knife and duct tape were his ever reliable ally. MacGyver was played by Richard Dean Anderson and was aired on tv from 1985 - 1992.

The Wonder Years

image: http://flickr.com/photos/alan-light/211181782/
The main reason why I loved The Wonder Years was Fred Savage. The television show is about the life and struggles of a typical American teen boy from a middle class family. A plot most of us could relate. 

As I get older, I spend less and less time watching the television. I'm glued to my laptop and find ways to get entertained online. My "born in the 80s" readers, what were your favorite television shows back then?