Product Review: Grayns Rice Cooker


When I attended the Grayns Rice Cooker Media Launch, I was really impressed with the presentation and the health benefits claim of using this product. With a retail price of PhP27,000.00, is it really worth spending for?

I was able to try Grayns Rice Cooker for a week and here's my review.

Ease of use

I shun away using stuff that complicates things. I belong to the group of people who hates reading instruction manual that leaves me confused.  Unlike the regular rice cooker where all you have to do is press cook and wait for it to finish, Grayns has a pre-programmed setting depending on what kind of rice you are cooking. Although you can experiment on which setting will work perfectly for you, I decided to stick with the default setting. Cooking the long grain rice using Grayns took around 40 minutes compared to the 15 minutes using the regular rice cooker. It means you need to wake up earlier if you prefer eating rice for breakfast. 

Health benefits

I love rice but I'm a borderline type 2 diabetes candidate years ago so I'm conscious with my food intake. The technology makes the Grayns Rice Cooker cook healthier rice by removing the starch during the cooking process. That's the reason why it takes longer for the rice to cook compared with the regular rice cooker. If time is an issue, you can cook your rice in the evening instead. Don't worry about spoilage since rice cooked using Grayns has a longer shelf life.

The Grayns Rice Cooker can only cook 2.5 cups of rice. If you're a big family, you might need to cook two batches.

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