Forcepoint: Cybersecurity Reinvented


How often does your employee receive a phishing email? Have their laptops been damaged because of a malicious software? Do they use the laptop issued by the company to access websites that are not work-related?

Businesses are facing threats every time the people in their organization access the web. There are different users that may put the company's data and network at risk, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The human point system is the intersection of users, data and networks.

Did you know that $81 billion was spent on security in 2016? 

An insider breach can be caused by an accidental insider, a malicious insider, or a compromised insider. An accidental insider happen to be someone who is just careless or unaware of company policies regarding access and sharing of data. A malicious insider is someone who is either leaving the company and is guilty of corporate espionage. While a compromised insider is someone who is a victim of phishing or someone who commits data exfiltration.

"If you believe you have everything under control, you are gonna fail." 
-Nicolas Fischbach, CTO Cloud Forcepoint

Do majority of the companies in the Philippines still rely on the traditional security solutions? With companies embracing the cloud, traditional solutions will no longer give your company the protection and security that you need.

Forcepoint, the leader in human-centric security system, has reinvented cybersecurity by creating security systems that enables its customers to understand cyber behavior of their employees. Forcepoint is an Austin-based company with 27 certified cloud data centers offers companies with customizable solutions.

Organizations must focus on the human point at the intersection of people with systems and critical data. It's at this point where information is most useful in creating value, but also most vulnerable to a single malicious or unintentional act.

Forcepoint's Cloud and On-Premise Security

Cloud Security. Protecting people from compromise as they use the web and email from any location on any device.

Data and Insider Threat Security. Understanding people's behavior and intent to protect critical data IP.

Network Security. The industry's most secure and efficient enterprise firewall - centrally managed, always on and relentless.

Global Governments. Supports the unique and complex missions and objectives undertaken by the people who protect national security.

Forcepoint Web Security and Email Security new features and tools

  • Forcepoint Web Security enhancements enable more granular control of cloud applications abd blocking unsanctioned shadow IT.
  • Forcepoint Web Security with new cloud migration tools to Forcepoint Web Security Cloud help-on premises appliance customers migrate when ready.
  • Advanced Malware Detection (AMD) powered by Lastline is now available for on-premises and cloud Forcepoint Web Security and Forcepoint Email Security platforms. Integration of AMD sandbox technology enables real-time protection of users anywhere.
Forcepoint has 20,000 customers across major industries. Their clients include Marriott, Dell, at&t, Walmart, Mattel, British Airways, and ExxonMobil.

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