7 Stereotypes about Ukrainian Women that Have to Go


It is always unpleasant for a girl of any nationality when strangers start treating them in compliance with their “advanced knowledge” which is nothing but trivial and obvious cliché. They don’t even come to think whether it has at least something in common with the truth or it is just a complete lie. Surely, it is difficult to separate rumors and awkward stories of people from the trustful incidents that really took place.

There are so many stereotypes about Ukrainian women which irritate the girls and maybe even hurt them not less than foolish and macabre jokes.

1. Everyone dreams about moving far, far away. 

It’s interesting in which moment did this statement occur and why so many people are sure that all the girls want to leave their families and would give anything for the chance to emigrate. Put this stereotype out of your mind. Behind attractive appearance lurks a wonderful soul, a sharp mind, a strong desire for self-improvement and for being happy. There are so many girls who have found their happiness within their own country and there are those who are still in search, trying their luck abroad. The point is not in the country but in the inner satisfaction of being loved and love back. 

2. All the women are blonde with blue eyes. 

If you ask someone to imagine a typical Ukrainian girl, they describe you a fairy-tale character, a girl with healthy blonde hair, blue eyes with a little sadness, a curvy body and a slight flush. Is that the right image? It is not. Of course, you have a chance to meet such a girl as well as a brunet with brown eyes and a slim figure. If you are lucky, you can meet even a real read-headed girl with amazing freckles and mysterious green eyes. There are so many different girls with their own unique natural appearance. 

3. Girls have no taste.

Some people are stuck in late 80-s or 90-s in their opinion about Ukrainian women and their style of dress. They still think that modern girls overuse blue eyeshadow for any occasion and wear animal print. Are you seriously? This style is long gone. Nowadays, girls monitor trends and dress up in accordance with vogue. They prefer to make a slight makeup just to highlight their natural attractiveness. 

4. Women don’t show emotions. 

If you are going to meet the ice queens with Ukrainian roots then this mission will fail. It’s quite a strange stereotype about emotional and passionate beauties, but it still exists. It’s hard to say why did it appear. Maybe some self-confident man got a refusal from an emotionless lady who didn’t feel anything to him and he decided that all the beauties are like that and started spreading rumors. All the stereotypes are made of rumors in some way. 

5. Girls are just a gold-digger. 

It doesn’t depend on a specific nation. You can meet such women everywhere without reference to skin color and shape of eye or religion. In fact, Ukrainian girls can be considered one of the most tolerant nations with regard to the financial status of their men and amount of money. Before you don’t know the woman personally, don’t use labels. 

6. Women are not intelligent. 

Just have a look at the statistics, the biggest part of the girls has high education and has finished different classes in addition to the chosen profession. Ukrainian girls are self-motivated and are eager to self-improvement. You can meet these girls in every country and an impressive percentage of them takes up a good post. 

7. Girls are too lazy to do something.

In fact, these women are characterized by their hardworking nature. They buy good clothes and go to travel because they work hard and not because of rich lovers or parents.