10 Gifts You Probably Don't Want To Receive This Christmas

Have you started your Christmas gifts shopping? They say you should always be thankful for the gifts you receive. After all, it's the thought that counts. But what if you receive a gift that seems like giver didn't put much thought? I mean, if you know your friends you definitely know what to give them. 

If you don't want to receive these gifts on my list, your friends probably don't want either.

1. Coffee mugs

I know there are people who collect coffee mugs (usually Starbucks) but if 15 of your friends give you generic coffee mugs this Christmas.... This could be the most thoughtless gift especially if your friend doesn't drink coffee.

2. Face towels

I've read in a survey somewhere that people would rather receive handkerchiefs than face towels. Most people use handkerchiefs or tissue paper so it will be more appreciated if you give them those.

3. Deodorants

Don't you think this is too personal? Aside from the fact that people have preferences when it comes to deodorants and other personal hygiene stuff, receiving these kind of toiletries can be offensive to some people. It's like insinuating something.

4. Key chains

There are cute key chains and then there are those that are inappropriate to give as a gift. Make sure you don't give a broken-heart key chain to a friend who recently ended a 10-year relationship. And please don't ever give out key chains with your photo printed on it. Seriously, we don't want to see your face every time we use our key to open our door.

5. Batteries

Unless they come with a toy or flashlight (I'm really not sure if I want to receive flashlight too), I don't think receiving batteries for Christmas will make anyone jump for joy. I know they are useful but...

6. Fruitcake

Who loves fruitcake? I think this is one of the most re-gifted present during Christmas. And no matter what you do to a fruitcake you receive, it always seem to find its way back to you. 

7. Bubble wrap

Is this even a gift? It's like receiving a package wrapped in bubble wrap and you just thought "this friend of mine loves popping this so I'll send this as a gift instead of throwing in the trash.

8. Albatross bathroom deodorizer

I know that diffusers and home fragrances are the thing now but if you are on a tight budget and looking for an alternative gift, just don't give your friend an Albatross. Please. It's for the bathroom, ok?!

9. Party souvenir

Souvenirs from weddings and parties you've attended are thank you gifts of the celebrants. Don't ever think of giving them as gifts... with the thank you tags still attached. Worse scenario, you might accidentally give them back to those who gave them to you.

10. Adult toy

Unless you are attending a stag or shower party, it is inappropriate to give someone an adult toy. Even if you know that your friend is the "adventurous" type, Christmas is not the best time to give this kind of gift.

You don't need to spend a fortune to make someone happy this Christmas. Spending a few hours with friends over a cup of coffee to catch up or sending a card with a personal message is way better than wrapping toothpicks for the sake of giving a gift. Don't be confused with the real meaning of the phrase "it's the thought that counts."

What's the most thoughtless gift you've received in your life? 


  1. I'd rather be anonymous. I won't forget the Christmas I received a box of condoms. lol (ps. I'm a girl)

  2. sige di ako papakilala pero kung mabasa nung nagbigay ito alam na nya. brief na he owned. bagong laba naman pero nilagyan nya ng perfume nya.

  3. I 100% agree hahahaha Some of these are pretty funny!

    Sondra xx

  4. Albatross?! Is there really someone, who have thought about giving this. But for fun, aside from the true gifts, I would not mind giving all of these! :D

  5. This is such a funny list, and not what I was expecting to read. All of these are such horrible gifts; maybe they are good ideas for people we are less than enthusiastic about. :P I do have a sister-in-law that loves mugs, though I have yet to find one that I think is good enough to get her.

  6. Some of those are definitely awkward gifts! I agree that when gift giving, it's important to put some thought into it. While there are some more generic hostess gifts (bottle of wine, themed gift baskets, etc.) that might go over well when offered as a Christmas present for someone who is hard to shop for, it might be just as well appreciated to take that person out for tea in a quaint spot that serves it up right, or to invite a friend for dinner and a movie.

  7. LOL fruitcake or hockey puck rings as we called them are never a good gift. Everything else makes for great stocking stuffers though.

  8. Hahahaha deodorant??? Oh heck no, I wouldn't want that as a gift! Haha!

  9. Okay, I couldn't help but laugh at these. The only thing I might want to receive (without a device to go with) would be the batteries. My kids burn through them like no tomorrow. But, I agree, it is not much fun to open a pack.

  10. Interesting post. It's true, I wouldnt want to receive most of these things. Except cute coffee mugs, love those. The least thoughtful gift I've gotten is probably bundles of soaps and lotions that are generic. Hate getting those.

  11. Can you believe I've never had fruitcake in my life? Seriously..never! And now I can't eat gluten so I guess I'll never know. But I think gifts that come from the heart are so much more valuable than any trinket you could buy.

  12. Goodness, this is funny. Are these gifts that people actually buy or just for fun. I cant imagine getting someone batteries or deodorant.

  13. LOL, the adult handcuffs are hilarious and so is the fruitcake. I love your post good stuff:)

  14. No more keychains please, but I wouldn't say no for adult toys, hahaha. That's better for me actually. :)

  15. This blog post is funny. I haven't experienced receiving gifts like these and I will not give gifts like any one of the mentioned either. It is difficult to give gifts for me not because I don't want to give gifts but because I don't know what gifts will make the other person happy. Sometimes I prefer to just give money and let the other person buy what he or she really needs so that I am sure that person will be happy.

  16. Haha. Thank you for this post. I have been thinking about gifts. Guilty to admin that I love fruit cakes and will gladly accept them as gifts. They also freeze really well.


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