Divatress Wigs: Shortcut To A New Look


I received an email from Divatress and this sponsored post is really coming at a great time. I was just thinking how I could share with you about my fascination with wigs.

I love whenever Facebook memories show up on my timeline. It seems like years pass by without me noticing. One thing that caught my attention recently was how my look never changed. If you think I'm lucky because I didn't seem like I aged, it's not what I meant. What I mean is that my hairstyle looks the same every year! How boring, right?

I've been wanting to dye my hair red or blue but I am not that committed yet. Another problem, I am blessed with a jet black hair and the hair specialist always suggest that I need to bleach my hair first to achieve the desired shade. I've heard (and witnessed) horror stories about damaged hair due to bleaching so... NO.

Best solution ever -- WIGS!

What I was wearing was just an off the rack from the department store. I remember spending hours looking for the perfect wig but ended up with something "just ok". 

I wanna save you from wasting your time and the stress looking for the perfect wig because you can actually buy wigs online!

Have I mentioned obsessing having a red hair? I think this Remy wig made from human hair will look good on me. They are  real hair you wouldn't even guess I'm wearing a wig.

Or probably this iron friendly lace front wig style in blue. Well, no matter what color or style I want I'll find something to give me a new look in an instant at Divatress. They have thousands of wigs and hair products to choose from and you can shop whenever you like and wherever you are.