Uratex Celebrates Family Memories

I always take a photo of me on the bed of every hotel room I stay whenever I travel. It's a reminder that no matter how comfy the bed of my home away from home, it still doesn't feel the same way when I finally arrive home and rest on my own bed. 

When I got married and left my parents home, I was excited to start a life with my husband but I was sad that I will no longer be with my family. The Saturday sleepovers at my parents bedroom and the endless story telling until we doze off. The laughter and my dad hushing us because the neighbors might complain. The lazy rainy afternoons watching a movie while we were all tucked in bed and the occasional spill of soda and popcorn.

Memories. If only I could freeze time. My parents are gone but I'm glad the family has lots of bonding moments.

Last Thursday, I was at my mother's hometown and we passed by the vacation house that they had built. It was supposed to be their retirement home. They never got to live there though because they don't want to leave me and my sisters in Manila. I sold the house last year. I remember we were all so excited decorating our bedrooms.

Uratex Philippines, the undisputed leader in the foam manufacturing industry believes that family love and comfort are always at the forefront in the tradition of selfless care and service to the Filipinos. Uratex believes that family love, caring and looking out for the welfare and greater comfort of each other is vital.  Each Uratex bed provides ultimate comfort to promote a healthful and relaxed sleep night after night. This helps invigorate the body so it will remain fit and fully charged to make each family member ready to face life’s daily challenges. Whenever we need a new bed mattress, me and my mom would go to Uratex Marikina Showroom.

I was watching Regalo by Uratex Classic and I found myself crying. I remember the sacrifices of my parents. I am the eldest child. I promised my parents that I will take care of my sisters until I die. I just wish my parents didn't have to leave so soon.

For the elder brother on the video, the arrival of their mother was the perfect time to tell her that he is now ready to take on the responsibility of caring for the family’s needs. With their mother’s long-awaited homecoming, it will be the perfect opportunity to create new memories again together—as one family.

It used to be me and my husband travelling and having staycations. Now, we bring the whole family! There are things we could not bring back anymore, but we can always create new memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.

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