Company Reviews: Learn About The Company Before You Apply


Everything is done online nowadays. Technology has made fundamental changes to the way we do business. The traditional workplace of dreary cubicles is nearing obsolescence in the face of modern co-working spaces. Remote working tools are making working from home a viable option for many employees. And now, even the way we find work in the first place is undergoing a rapid and inexorable sea change.

Over the last year, technology innovation has risen further into conversations about the future of work. When it comes to the ways new technology and digital adaption impact us in the workplace, it falls on both companies and candidates to decide how to take the next step. 

One thing that will make any job search easier is through’s Company Reviews program. It is designed to support candidates’ career journey by connecting them to the right opportunities and providing them with essential information about the companies they’re looking at. Its user-generated review-style format equips candidates with better information on companies and their respective cultures – information that has heretofore been inaccessible. Armed with Company Reviews, candidates are given insight into their options, long before they make critical decisions on the future of their careers.

“Companies and candidates’ seem to have trouble finding the right fit in one another. The company culture may not match the candidates’ career aspiration at hand. Looking at this, we realised that information gaps may prevent the right candidate from ever learning about a company’s culture that might be a right fit,” said Philip Gioca, Country Manager of Philippines. “And this is where we saw an opportunity to tap into and introduced our innovative feature – Company Reviews – to help reduce the information gap and increase talent retention in the market,” Gioca added.

Since its launch in May 2016, growth in review submissions for Company Reviews in the Philippines continues to be encouraging, recording an 85% increase. Candidates are now able to read reviews from past or present employees, creating transparency around important areas that will influence career choices: company culture, work-life balance and development opportunities. 

Company Reviews don’t just represent a boon for candidates, but the companies themselves as well. Candidates who come in well-informed about business practices and company culture are already self-selected, making for potentially more loyal and long-lasting future employees. After all, there are few things more valuable than an employee who loves their job.

“There is no good or bad job. There are only jobs that will be aligned to candidate needs, bringing the right fit and professional fulfilment. A job can be much more than a pay cheque if you will let it be, and we believe everyone deserve to have the information they need to build a career that brings them joy and excitement, to wake up knowing that you love your job,” added Gioca.

Catering to the evolving market needs, continues to innovate with integrated tools and resources, such as Company Reviews, in order to help candidates be in the know and make more informed decisions in their career journey that contribute to professional fulfilment. JobStreet sees candidates as career partners, providing more value beyond that of an ordinary job site. If you’re researching a potential new role, we want you find out what it’s like to work at a company before you begin. We believe you deserve a career that you will love and enjoy.