Pioneer DIY Planner Giveaway

I've been obsessing to give our house a makeover. It has been five years since I slept my first night in our house that I fondly call Casa Toledo. I want it to give a new look without spending a fortune. If you have been following my instagram, I have posted photos of what I have been doing since the 2nd week of January. I'm into creative reuse and DIY.  I jump from one project to  another though. 

When I received the Pioneer DIY 2018 Planner, I realized it's about time I start keeping schedule and list all the projects I want to do for my #2018CasaToledoMakeoverProject. I want a beach inspired interior design and decor. Something that will forever remind me of the sun, sand and sea.

I've got a black display cabinet I repainted with white and I've been looking for DIY projects for decor. Lucky me, the March DIY project in my Pioneer planner is a Summer Mason Jar Decor. I remember I have some shells I brought home from my Boracay and Bohol vacation a few years ago.

You too can unleash your most creative ideas with ease. Whether you are repairing household items or creating a DIY project, the Pioneer DIY Planner will make it an enjoyable activity. The monthly DIY projects are so easy to make and yet very fulfilling.  Pioneer also brings you a wide variety of products you can use.

Are you into DIY projects? Share with me a recent project on instagram (don't forget to tag me @snappedandscribbled) or comment below a tip or trick on a DIY project you made. I'll choose 3 who will each receive a copy of Pioneer DIY 2018 planner. You must be willing to pick up the prize in Makati office. Winners will be announced on March 16, 2018 on Snapped and Scribbled facebook page.


  1. Very timely. I am organizing the house in time for school break. One DIY I make use are tension rods. Those rods are cheap, removable, and easily adjusted.

    We've got lots of ribbons, washi tapes, and scotch tapes so with tension rods, our tapes perfectly hang inside our school supplies cabinet.

    We also use tension rods to make extra layer inside the boys' cabinet. Husband can be real busy he can't find time to repair our cabinet.

    Another use of tension rods is to add another layer of storage under the sink to keep all spray bottles neatly in line.

  2. I’m not really good at DIYs but the best thing that i’ve ever done was for my kids last christmas. I made a DIY huge egg surprise with toys inside. I made it using old newspapers, balloon, paste (made of flour/cornstarch and water) and needle. Then painted it with different fun colors. They loved it! Hope i win this awesome giveaway :)

  3. DIY planners should reflect your personality. Whether you want a colorful planner or just a simple one, it’s really up to you to choose the design. Print out things you want to have or places you want to go and put this on your Goals sheet. Use washi tapes to make borders and make it more colorful. And the most important tip is to be creative! After all, it’s your planner. So do whatever you want with it. Paste your favorite photo, draw, paint, doodle on the pages


Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)