SamgyeOppa Korean Food House at The Food Trip Taytay


Samgyeopsal in a food park?

If  you will visit The Food Trip Taytay, you'll find a modest Korean food house at the far end. SamgyeOppa is the first samgyeopsal stall in the area and a must-try! I had a food tasting with #TeamCARA last April 4. The dishes in their menu are really delicious and most importantly affordable. I immediately sent facebook messages to my relatives living in Taytay to go to the food park.

Do you know how to properly eat Samgyeopsal?

If you love cooking, then you're gonna enjoy the Samgyeopsal experience. An order at SamgyeOppa will cost you P149 only. This includes thinly-sliced pork belly with garlic, three side dishes (bean sprouts/water spinach, kimchi, and potato balls), lettuce,  ssamjang and gireumjang.

A portable griller is placed on the table. Once the griller is hot, you can now start cooking the pork belly. It will be grilled in its own fat. Make sure you don't overcook the meat. They are thinly-sliced so it won't take long to cook. Also, turn the meat only once to keep the juice and keep the tenderness of the meat. 

Take a piece of meat and dip it into the dipping sauce. Ssamjang is a mixture of soybean paste, hot pepper paste while gireumjang is a mixture of sesame oil, salt, and black pepper. Wrap the piece of meat in the lettuce. You can also put the kimchi. Wrap it and stuff in your mouth. You are not supposed to take small bites so make sure you prepare a size that allows you to eat the whole thing.

Isn't it fun? We were also served Bibimbap. It is a Korean rice bowl filled with toppings of meat, vegetables, kimchi, and egg.  I've seen a lot of people eating Bibimbap the wrong way. 

You have to mix it all up before eating. I know the presentation is way too beautiful to mess it up but it was meant to be mixed. I love mine with a chili paste and a drizzle of sesame oil. This bowl is worth P99 and my favorite at SamgyeOppa.

Gimbap (gim is dried seaweeds and bap is cooked rice) is a Korean dish served in bite-size slices.  The variations of the fillings are endless. It is a complete meal itself but I eat this as an appetizer. Don't judge me :)

The Food Trip Taytay is located at 64 Rizal Ave Brgy. San Isidro Taytay, Rizal. It is very accessible by public transportation. Parking space is a bit limited. The food park opens at 4pm. There's a band playing during weekends.

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