3 Reasons Why I Like Softex Hello Kitty Pantyliner


Do you wear a pantyliner everyday? 

There was a time when there was an argument whether it is advisable to wear a pantyliner everyday. Some said it can cause UTI or rashes. I never had UTI or suffered from itchy skin. The reason is because I don't wear the same pantyliner all day. I change at least every 3-4 hours or whenever I feel necessary.

Whenever I go out, wearing a pantyliner is a must. I also bring an extra liner in my vanity pouch. I want to feel clean and fresh throughout the day especially when it's a long day and there's no chance for me to shower and freshen up. 

I first saw Softex Hello Kitty pantyliner when I attended an event held in a department store. I arrived too early and decided to look around the beauty and wellness section. I love Hello Kitty since I was introduced to this adorably cute character and the Softex Hello Kitty feminine care products caught my attention.

I love cute stuff. I am guilty of buying things just because they are cute. But when it comes to feminine hygiene, I don't leave anything to chance. They must be good, quality products.

3 Reasons Why I Like Softex Hello Kitty Pantyliner

Soft, breathable and unscented (and cute)

The surface is soft it doesn't feel like there's something in there when it touches your skin. It is also made of breathable material so you won't feel hot and uncomfortable. I'm not fond of using scented pads because the perfume just mess up with your body's natural odor and somehow I believe that the perfume can also cause irritation. 

For the cute factor, the Hello Kitty Bow design was placed there with a purpose. While the 15.5 cm has a perfect contour fit, the bow design is meant to absorb and keep the liquid in the center.

Looks like I have four reasons :)

The Softex Hello Kitty Pantyliner is perfect for everyday use or during the last days of menstruation when the flow is really very light to even use a sanitary pad. 

I'll be reviewing next is the Softex Hello Kitty sanitary pads and I'll let you know if this brand will make me say goodbye to the brand I've been using for years.

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