How To Choose The Right Sanitary Pad


Not all sanitary pads are the same because not all women are the same. Do you use only one kind of pad during your period? 

The "one size fits all" doesn't work at all. How do you choose the right sanitary pad?

Light flow is usually during the first and last day of the period. Day 2 for me is the heavy flow. I use Softex Comfort Slim on the first day of my period. If I'm just staying at home reading a good book, a regular pad works perfect for me. 

My period doesn't stop me when I'm in the mood for Zumba. The Softex Comfort Slim with Wing makes me enjoy dancing without worrying because I'm sure that the pad will stay in place and there will be no side leaks. This pad is also perfect for medium flow.

I leave nothing to chance when I play tennis and during bedtime. The Softex Comfort Slim Long has a wide back guard perfect when sleeping. It is 36 cm in length and also has wing to keep it in place no matter how much you move.

My dear women friends, nothing should stop you from enjoying life. Not your period. And definitely not your sanitary pad. You know your body more than anyone else. If you choose the right sanitary pad to use based on what you need, you will never have to worry about discomfort, leaks, or coverage.

It took me a while before I was able to write an article about Softex because I had to experience using it first. I love the Comfort Slim with wing the most even on an ordinary menstrual day because I got so used to wearing a pad with wing. But the long pad is non-negotiable during night time whether it's my first day or last. It will be a nightmare to have blood stains on my white bed sheet.