LG Promotes Cleaner, Greener, Healthier Life


Our every day activities depend on energy, from the moment we brush our teeth in the morning to the time we set our alarm clocks at night. We use up an increasing amount of electricity, water and other natural resources such that our consumption’s effect on nature has already reached a critical level. Most of the energy sources we depend on, like coal and natural gas, are finite and can't be replaced. 

The energy consumption level is so alarming that there is already a global effort to conserve energy, and most of these eco-friendly actions starts at home. We are drawn to a green lifestyle for several reasons, whether it's sound environmental practices, cost-savings initiatives, or the opportunity to impart positive values to the younger generation. Clean living is now the key to a sustainable lifestyle; energy-efficiency has become the new hallmark of a green household.

While we would all love to commission a new, eco-friendly house, this has costly and impractical implications. But with a bit of thought and good planning, we can all make our current homes more energy-efficient—and save money on bills, too.

The best approach is to take small steps. Switching or upgrading to energy-efficient home appliances is a simple place to start. For many of us, cooling accounts for a huge percentage of our household energy use. Living in the Philippines where days are humid and the average temperature is 30oC, air conditioners provide a more comfortable living environment. Unfortunately, the lack of usage understanding and information on air conditioners has brought about more electricity and energy wastage, not to mention sky-high electricity bills,especially if the unit is it is old, outdated and inefficient. 

At LG, ecologically conscious products and design that push the boundaries of energy-efficiency are a way of life. The new LG Dual Cool with Dual Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner now features R32, a green refrigerant that efficiently conveys heat and gives a more powerful cooling performance compared to that of air conditioners using refrigerant R22 and R410A.

The LG Dual Cool with Dual Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner also comes with an Energy Saving Mode that lowers your electricity consumption—not to mention your energy bills—by up to 40 percent. Other cool—literally—characteristics include the ability to reduce the time needed to expel heat in a room by up to 30 percent, and an Inverter Comfort Airflow feature that minimizes temperature fluctuations, and offers pleasant and efficient cooling all throughout use. (No more energy-consuming on and off cycles.)

LG is also committed to providing consumers with a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. It has equipped its Dual Cool with Dual Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner with a micro dust filter that helps diminish airborne bacteria and viruses, assuring that the air in your home is clean, safe and breathable, and assuring that the family remains healthy and allergy-free.

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