Nakakain Ka Na Ba sa SM City North Edsa Foodcourt?


Whether I am alone or with company, I love eating at SM Foodcourt. If you ask me the question "Nakakain ka na ba sa SM City North Edsa Foodcourt?", the answer is "Yes, but it's a long time ago when I was still in college." I graduated from UST in 1997. So yeah, decades ago.

I was invited to rediscover my favorites and satisfy my cravings last June 15 and it was worth braving the bad weather. The SM City North Edsa Foodcourt underwent a facelift and was relaunched with new and improved food stalls, structure, and interior. More than sixty food concepts will redefine and bring more flavors, colors, and fun to the local food scene.

Lydia's Lechon

When I hear the word lechon, the first thing that comes to mind is Lydia's Lechon. Their best-tasting special lechon is a must-order whenever I eat at the food court with my dad. How can you resist the crispy skin? I'm more fond of the lechon paksiw though because I love viands with sauce.

A personal favorite of mine that goes with steamed rice is the beef caldereta. For merienda, the fresh lumpia is a delightful treat for me.

Sisig Hooray!

Sisig Hooray! I believe is heaven sent. The Sisig Full-Belly meals (whether you want pork, chicken, squid, bangus, or smoky steak) that comes with fried egg, atcharang papaya, sesame pipino salad, and ensaladang talong are very filling and yet affordable.

An instant favorite of mine is the Open-faced Talong on Sisig. I was not aware that they serve this. It's a twist of tortang talong, made yummier with sisig. 

Chef Ala Eh

Rainy weather makes us crave for bulalo. You don't have to travel as far as Tagaytay to experience this traditional Filipino dish from Batangas. Chef Ala Eh brings the taste of heaven with their Bulalo Espesyal and Sizzling Bulalo Steak prepared with tender beef and rich bone marrow.

Chica's Chicharronia

The best-selling crispy bagnet served with chicharon bulaklak and spicy vinegar dip is a must try at Chica's Chicharronia. You can enjoy snacking on this or pair it with a cup (or two) of rice.

How about a hearty bowl of Special Lugaw served with egg and topped with Chica's signature tokwa't bulaklak? 


Chizmozza is the first mozzarella sticks food stand that will make you keep coming back for more of their Mozzarella Bites and Sticks coated with Italian-seasoned breading served with your choice of dip.

Panda Shabu-Shabu

I saved this for last because Panda Shabu-Shabu is my current comfort food. No matter how long the line gets, I patiently wait for my turn.

Are you into Japanese food? Opening soon is Hachiboru, a food concept that will surely capture the taste buds of the mall-goers.

The SM City North Edsa Foodcourt can accommodate over 1,400 diners, making it a perfect place for you, your family and friends to simply eat or celebrate special occasions. 

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