How I Solved My Sleeping Problem


I contradict myself. I love to sleep but I stay wide awake until the wee hours. It's not that I want to. I just can't get my eyes to shut down when I am lying in bed. The worst I've been through was being awake until 6 in the morning then sleeping the whole day. Very unproductive indeed. 

Too many times I was tempted to pop a sleeping pill. But I am afraid of the potential harmful side effects. And so my search for natural remedy continues.

Avoid caffeinated drinks before bedtime

Caffeine never did me good. Drinking coffee even in the morning only keeps me awake until the next day. If you think caffeine is one of the reasons of your disrupted sleeping schedule, it's about time you give it up. Also, alcohol intake, spicy food, and heavy meal before bedtime can affect your ability to fall asleep easily.

Make your bedroom conducive for sleeping

I recently had a bedroom makeover. My work desk used to be at one corner of the bedroom and seeing my laptop urges me to get out of bed to work even if I don't have to. I used the spare room in the house and converted it to a home office instead. Then I bought new bed sheets (I'm now fascinated with sheets made of bamboo fiber), made sure the temperature is comfortable, and the lighting is relaxing. In the morning, I let the sun light in. If you are into bold prints, try using plain, basic colors.

Limit your afternoon nap time

Nap should only be a short period of sleep. I am guilty of having 2-3 hours sleep in the afternoon and thus making it difficult for me to find sleep in the evening. Ideally, you should only have 30 minutes to an hour if you feel the need to rest in the afternoon.

Another thing that helped me solve my sleeping problem is NapEase. I checked the components of this food supplements and the main ingredients are Valerian Root Extract and Chamomile Extract. No harmful chemicals that I should be worried of.

Valerian is an herb widely grown in Europe and some parts of Asia. The medicine is made from the root and is known to aid sleeping disorders. It is also used to reduce anxiety and psychological stress.

On the other hand, chamomile is one of the most commonly known medicinal herbs. People usually take chamomile tea for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Chamomile also helps promote sleep and treats insomnia.

I've been taking NapEase for a week already after dinner and I noticed that by 9 in the evening I am already sleepy. I could only stay awake late until 11. My usual 8 or 9 am waking time has also improved. I get up as early as 630 am and feel well-rested.

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