Discover the Winning Formula for Business Success

World-renowned executive coach and best-selling author, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, tells business executives to always take a step back and ask themselves one critical question – is it worth it? It is one of the things that most business schools do not teach but every CEO must know, or one can always learn the hard way.

According to Dr. Marshall, there are three life lessons that every person must learn, especially CEOs and business leaders, in order to succeed in both their professional and personal lives. The first is winning is not everything.

“One problem of the successful people I work with is winning too much. It is important for one to win – meaningful win, critical win, trivial win, and even those not worth it, we want to win anyway. Winners love to win. Problem is we want to win too much,” said Dr. Marshall. 

A key to success is you don’t have to always win. The more you make others win, the more successful you become. In the drive to win all the time, most people lose out on life’s other equally important aspects.

Dr. Marshall adds another lesson – stop trying to add value to everything. “In most cases, when a person comes up with a great idea, the natural tendency is instead of saying it is a great idea, one would say it’s a nice idea but why don’t you add this to it,” said Dr. Marshall.

While the value of the idea comes up by 5 percent, the commitment of the person to executing the idea goes down 50 percent.

And the third lesson is - don’t judge too much. One of the key lessons that are not taught is to help others more and judge less. “Before making a judgmental comment, stop, breathe, and think if this is going to help your relationship. If the answer is no, do you really have to say it?” said Dr. Marshall.

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