Top 5 Cycling-Friendly Cities


Where are the cities wherein you will see a lot of men riding men’s bicycles? This will only occur in some bike-friendly cities. There are some cities that can be very dangerous for people to bike in. It is best that you know more about this so you will know where you can ride a bike and where you can just rely on the public transport system.


There are a lot of people who ride their bikes in Amsterdam. More than half of the city’s population travel to work and to different places by riding their bike. Some would travel more than 2 kilometers and they do not feel threatened by the other vehicles at all. This is one place wherein you can put your cycling skills to the test.


This is one of the cities that is only starting to become bike-friendly but it deserves recognition. People are starting to see some differences. They know that they can start riding their bikes more in this city. When you visit this city located in France, you may find the right bicycle to ride as well. Renting one will not be a problem.


This list will not be complete without this city. This city has a cycle path network that will be hard to see anywhere else in this world. This city has made a huge investment in its biking path and the investment makes this one of the most cycling-friendly cities in the world.


If you are traveling to Belgium and you want to do some cycling, this is the best city to visit. This is highly attractive to a lot of cyclists because it has a great bicycle parking that will make cyclists feel safe. The city has created some bridges that will make this safe to use by the different cyclists who would like to check this city out.


Japan may be well-known for its technology and all of its other innovations. Yet, this is still one of the best cities that can be visited by those who love riding their bikes. There are millions of commuters in Tokyo who ride their bikes. This is something that you can experience when you visit the country.

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