Ramen Nagi's First Concept Shop Serves Truffle King


Here's a treat for truffle lovers! The newly-opened Ramen Nagi Concept Shop in One Bonifacio High Street is the only branch to offer the Truffle King Ramen and it's available until December. The aromatic treat filled with the flavors of the desirable mushroom delicacy will be enjoyed by truffle fans in all the other Ramen Nagi branches across the Philippines come January 2019. 

Ramen Nagi, the Fukuoka-born, Shunjuku-grown ramen shop that has taken Manila’s noodle lovers by storm, has opened its very first concept shop (the only one in the world) at the recently opened One Bonifacio High Street development adjacent to the Philippine Stock Exchange building in Bonifacio Global City.

The 19th store features d├ęcor that are decidedly different from the colorful, festive aesthetic that permeates all other Ramen Nagi’s shops worldwide — born out of sketches personally made by Chef Ikuta Satoshi, the man behind Ramen Nagi. 

This shop combines Japanese minimalist design with an open-concept design to create an unrestrained,  zen-like feel. Intimate booths and blond wood chairs line stark white walls on one side, while a marble counter top seating offers front-row views of the kitchen activity on another. In the center of the room, white lamps cheekily decorated with images of ramen bowls hang over sleek communal tables.

Originally a brainchild of Japanese chef Ikuta Satoshi, Ramen Nagi finds favor among ramen fans for its steaming bowls filled with rich broth, springy noodles and quality ingredients. The award-winning ramen chain offers four variants in its menu, namely Original King (creamy umami tonkotsu broth), Red King (spicy), Black King (with squid ink), and Green King (with basil pesto)—all served with a scrumptious slab of charred pork. 

The limited-edition Szechuan King is available in November
Aside from these four regulars, Ramen Nagi also offers two limited-edition flavors every month. How spicy would you like your ramen? I dare you to try the Szechuan King with a spiciness level of 15.

Enjoying Truffle King with Ted Claudio of Wazzup.PH

According to Chef Ikuta, there are three steps to eating the ramen: taste the broth, season with a generous amount of spicy sauce, enjoy the noodles and slurp to show the chef your appreciation. And at this new, more upscale outpost, loud slurping is definitely still an option.

During the launch, Chef Ikuta — together with Chef Riyoichi Nishio — showed members of the media how to prepare two limited edition ramens: the Truffle King Ramen and the Szechuan Ramen, which will be available starting Nov 1, 2018. 

The two chefs also led the tradition of painting one eye of the Daruma, symbolizing the setting of goals for the store. As a custom, the second eye is painted once the goals of the store have been met.

Ramen Nagi is not just all ramen, here are the other dishes in the menu that I've tried

Pork Katsu Roll

Chashu Rice

Chicken Karaage

Nagi Star Salad

Aurora Shrimp


I got you craving, right?

The new Ramen Nagi concept shop is located on the 2nd floor of One Bonifacio High Street, Visit and like www.facebook.com/RamenNagiManila/ for more information. Follow @ramennagimanila on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.