Korean Skincare Experience: The 24K Gold Facial by Skinfinity


I am such a late bloomer when it comes to anything Korean. For the longest time, it's only Lee Min Ho that I am familiar with and it's because my sister is a big fan. I only started watching K-drama a few months ago. Managed to watch  two series: Prison Playbook and Something in the Rain. When it comes to skin care, I'm the most lazy. I can't religiously keep a regimen. 

I'm guilty of neglecting my skin. I can't even remember when was the last time I had a facial. I only panicked when I noticed the dullness of my skin. The blackheads and the annoying large pores also concerned me. I'm 42. Though many people say I look younger than my age, I could not say the same when it comes to my skin.

I've been hearing about the Korean skin care routine and it's overwhelming. The 10 steps seem too much for me. But if it will help erase my blemishes and improve my complexion, I'm willing to give it a try. 

A few days ago, I visited Skinfinity Skin and Body Spa in BGC. The clinic was founded by Filipino-Korean beauty and skin specialists. The machines and the products they use are from Korea. I tried the 24K Gold Facial and experience the Korean skincare routine.

Step 1: Cleansing Cream

The cleansing cream removes the make up and dirt from the skin

Step 2: Cleansing Milk

Double cleansing is done to remove the oil residue and the remaining skin impurities 

Step 3: Scrubbing

Scrubbing removes the dead skin cells that makes the skin dull and flaky. Exfoliating also prevents the pores from getting block by dirt and oil. 

Step 4: Steam

Steaming the face opens the pores. It helps soften the dead skin cells and release dirt that causes blackheads and acne.

Step 5: Pricking and Extraction

Stubborn blackheads on my nose has always been a problem. I normally enjoy the extraction of blackheads since it's almost painless. I don't have any pimple during my facial so I was spared from the pain of pricking.

Step 6: Toner

A toner was applied on my face to bring back the skin's pH balance. My skin started to redden as soon as the toner was applied. It's not a concern though because it always happen and will be okay after an hour.

Step 7: Diamond Peel

Diamond peel minimizes the appearance of acne scars. It also aids in the stimulation of collagen production thus removes fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 8: High Frequency 

High frequency facial addresses my problem with enlarged pores. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and prevents acne breakouts. 

Step 9: Gold Mask

The use of the 24K Gold mask dates back to the time of Cleopatra. This is an anti-aging treatment and helps improve sun damaged skin. The mask will give you an instant glow and gives the skin a firm appearance.

Step 10: Moisturizer and Sunblock Gel

The last step is the application of moisturizer and sunblock gel. Lately, this step is something I exert an effort to do every morning before I go out.  

My skin never felt so soft and clean. I've got a darker skin tone as of the moment (and will even darken when I visit La Union again in November).  The enlarged pores are still too visible and the appearance of my acne scars still bother me. I plan to visit Skinfinity as often as my schedule permits. The least is once a month.

Aside from classic and luxury facials, Skinfinity also offers slimming therapy, drips and injectables, hand, body and foot spa, hair removal laser treatment, and eyelash extension.

Highly-recommended  treatments

Luxury  facials

Skinfinity facial (P1,800 per session) is Skinfinity's signature facial that features deep cleansing, ultrasonic therapy and photon L.E.D. lights all in just one session. It is the ultimate spa treat for your skin to achieve a youthful and vibrant look after.

Oxygen facial (P3,500 per session) with Jet peel is a combination of two popular facial treatments in the skin industry. Experience the power of jet engineering on a mini facial washer that will deeply and thoroughly clean the impurities of your pores. Breathe in pure Oxygen afterwards to hydrate and revitalize your skin instantly.

L.E.D therapy facial (P2,000 per session) is a gentle non-invasive facial therapy that uses Light Emitting Diode waves to activate distinct reactions beneath the epidermis and penetrate the skin in different depths. Choose one of seven colors of LED light to tackle your specific skin concern.  

Red  – Treats  fine  lines,  wrinkles,  inflammation,  sun-damaged  skin,  and  acne. 
Blue  – Kills  bacteria  and  tightens  skin. 
Orange  – Stimulates  production  of  elastin  and  collagen.  Treats  scars  and  blemishes. 
Green  – Treats  pigmentation  and  even  out  discoloration  of  skin.  Stabilizes  oil  production  and 
has  a  calming  effect. 
Purple  –anti-aging  and  increases  cell  regeneration.

Needle-free  Mesotherapy  (P3,500  per  session)  is  a  painless  and  non-invasive  procedure  that  uses  ultrasound  and  electrical  currents  for  treating  skin.  It  is  an  effective  anti-aging,  skin-firming,  anti-cellulite,  and  fat-sculpting  technology.  Lose  excessive  fats  and  firm  sagging  skin  in  just  one  session.

Geneo  facial  (P5,000  per  session)  is  a  radio  frequency  wave  treatment  that  combines  microdermabrasion,  skin  oxygenation,  and  deep  rejuvenation  in  one  procedure.  It's  a  3-in-1  machine  that  contours,  lifts,  and  improves  skin  texture  instantly.

Body slimming and shaping 

Cryosculpting  vacuum  (P10,000  per  session)  is  a  non-invasive  way  to  effectively  reduce excess  fat  in  targeted  areas  of  the  body.  It  uses  an  advanced  cooling  technology  that  eliminates  fat  cells  without  harming  the  surrounding  tissues.  Shed  stubborn  fats  safely  and  instantly.

Radio  Frequency  (P3,000  per  session)  is  a  non-invasive  skin  tightening  treatment  that  uses  radio  frequency  electromagnetic  waves  to  stimulate  collagen  development  deep  within  the skin  layers.  It  firms  sagging  skin,  usually  follows  cavitation.

Cavitation  (P3,000  per  session)  is  a  non-invasive  fat  eliminator  treatment  that  uses  ultrasonic  waves  to  break  down  fat  cells  while  keeping  surrounding  tissues  intact.  It  sheds  stubborn  fats,  usually  done  before  RF.

HIFU  is  High  Intensity  Focused  Ultrasound  or  HIFU  directly  delivers  heat  energy  to  skin  that  stimulates  collagen  production.  Consequently  improving  the  texture  and  reducing  sagging  of  skin.  It  achieves  the  same  results  of  a  facelift  without  surgery  and  no  downtime.  This  treatment  is  very  effective  that  only  3  sessions  per  year  are  recommended.  V-shape  or  jaw  face  contour  with  HIFU  P25,000;  full  Face  contour  with  HIFU  P45,000.

Here's an awesome find! I saw this Skinfinity Magic Powder and got curious so I bought. I was expecting this is just like my Revlon PhotoReady liquid foundation but I was wrong. I love how it glides smoothly on my skin. It feels light and has a satin soft finish. The 30ml bottle is worth P500.

Visit Skinfinity Skin and Body Spa at 16H  Fort  Palm  Spring  30th  Street  corner  1st  Avenue,  Bonifacio  Global  City. 

Other  branches  will  soon  open:  Skinfinity  Estancia  de  Lorenzo  in  San  Mateo  Rizal  this  November,  and  Skinfinity  Calapan  Cityin  January  2019. 

For more information and to book an appointment,  https://www.skinfinity.ph/
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