Mang Inasal Now Serves Molo Soup

It is during the Christmas season that we Filipinos experience the chilly weather. I find myself craving for a hot soup these days. I long for the molo soup my mom used to prepare for us.

Mang Inasal, the country’s leading Pinoy quick service restaurant that serves the No.1 Chicken Inasal, welcomes Christmas time with a new offering that is definitely suited for the festive season.

Believed to have originated from the town of Molo in Iloilo Province, Molo Soup has for its main ingredient, seasoned ground pork wrapped in molo or wonton wrapper. Also known as Pancit Molo, this Filipino pork dumpling soup has been an endearing comfort food for many Ilonggos, as well as Pinoys in other parts of the archipelago.

Made of chicken broth with molo dumplings, misua, minced garlic and spring onion, the Mang Inasal Molo Soup not only complements the cool Christmas weather, it is also goes perfectly with Mang Inasal’s 2-in-1 sa Laki, Nuot-sa-Ihaw Sarap Chicken Inasal. 

“Our Molo Soup is simply ‘bagay sa Chicken Inasal’ (goes well with Chicken Inasal), as it caps the meal with a hearty soup. We hope to further complete our customers’ dining experience with the introduction of this well-loved Pinoy comfort food,” said Brand Manager Mimi Mendoza.

It can be taken as a side dish to any of the Mang Inasal value meals or as a stand-alone dish. And it is even affordably priced.

There is one more reason to visit Mang Inasal store now – to dig into that hot bowl of Molo Soup, which is now available in Mang Inasal stores in Mega Manila and South Luzon, and will soon be available in other regions in the first quarter of 2019.

Try the delicious Mang Inasal Molo Soup now!


  1. Wow perfect talaga ngayung maulan 😍

  2. Lately din hot soup kami eh. Naku may soup na pala silang ganito hehe suki kami n kami ng Mang iNasal dahil rice is lifer and ung inasal nila na masarap at mabango wd oil pa na pang top sa rice. Sakto eto dahil may bagong bukas n Mang Inasal sa amin (c5 waterfun taguig) . Ayain ko soon ang family 👏

  3. And yes, fave eto ng bunso ko heheh suki narin kami sa bagong bukas na Mang Inasal sa malapit ��