Pia Wurtzbach Shares Fitness Journey


Ginebra San Miguel celebrates 185th anniversary and releases its collectible Ginebra San Miguel 2019 Calendar featuring Pia Wurtzbach. The Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl 2019 represents the unique quality of every Filipino who remain steadfast amidst all the challenges they face. Dahil Pilipino ako. Matapang ako. Ginebra ako.

With all that Pia Wurtzbach has been through, joining Bb. Pilipinas three times and bagging the Miss Universe title at last. She was determined to win for her family and country. This woman embodies the Filipino spirit of being ganado, resilient and never say die!

Calendar Girl preparations

With over eight shots of the ultra-fit Pia featured in the GSM 2019 Calendar, one can see that she gave 101% of herself in working out and making sure she over exceeds expectations of GSM fans worldwide.

“I did have to prepare for the shoot, because it’s been awhile since I did a swimsuit photo shoot. This is actually the first time I did one outside of Miss Universe or any pageant scene,” reveals Pia, who also shared that it wasn’t really hard preparing for this project. “If you make it part of your lifestyle to work out and eat healthy, then I don’t think it’s hard.”

One would also think that Pia went on a major change of diet and lifestyle to achieve this sexy body of hers. “A lot of people probably don’t believe this, but the truth is I eat anything that I want, in moderation. I just have to make sure my trainer knows what I am eating, and I don’t deprive myself of the little treats that I want. That’s my diet: I make sure I still enjoy food.”

Being Fit has its benefits

This gym enthusiast thought she wouldn’t be saying this, “I am really into fitness right now. Whenever I am stress or some me time, I hit the gym. It really helps in making you feel good and releasing stress.” When does she go? “I try to go every day. I don’t push myself too hard. I do it at a comfortable pace. I do cardio and do weights. If there is time, I do yoga or pilates class. I like to workout, then I just go and I sweat it out.”

Ginebra San Miguel Calendar 2019 available in stores and dealers nationwide.