PAL Presents A Tale of Three Cities

Once upon a time, the foreign lands of the East stayed distant. Its mysteries remained unknown, the stories of enchanting kingdoms remained fantasies, and its inhabitants remained strangers. And only a few could fly to these… until now.

Over the years, Philippine Airlines has been making the world more connected through heartfelt air travel, making everything reachable. Now with more flights to Asia, it gave access to amazing lands, countless sceneries, and people like no other await. Three cities in particular are rich in cultures so distinct, you’ll be in awe over and over again.

Hanoi, the timeless charm. 

At the heart of Vietnam lies its capital city, by the banks of the Red River, that blends both the land’s past colonial French influence and the booming of new-age Asia. Hanoi excites with its scrumptious cuisine, pulsating nightlife, and multi-cultural community.

The second biggest city in the country, Hanoi boasts a unique kind of heritage, where every sort of experience reaches your senses. It hosts a number of well-preserved temples and pagodas (tiered towers with multiple eaves) like the Tran Quoc Pagoda - an architectural masterpiece. If you’re looking for an out of this world marvel, you can walk to the center of two larger than life hands carved from stone.

If there’s one thing you’ll unravel in Hanoi, it’s the fresh and mouth-watering delicacies around the city. There’s the world-famous bowl of hot Pho or Vietnamese noodle soup. Or the Bun Cha or Vermicelli with Grilled Pork around town. You can also try a known local sandwich that’s influenced by French and Asian taste called Banh Mi. The baguette represents the European aspect of the sandwich, while the cold cuts, the vegetables, and the spice top off the taste of the East. Yum!

Get lost in the tree-lined boulevards and alleyways of Old Quarter where you’ll uncover all sorts of finds. As an emerging fashion district, you may want to dive deep into the “Paris of Vietnam.” Shop through Hanoi’s growing Weekend Markets and gush over the wide array of fashion items and even food stalls.

Phnom Penh, the glimmering destination. 

Seeing the sights of Cambodia’s lavish capital puts you in a place of tranquility, filled with rich traditions you never knew existed.

The National Museum of Cambodia, home to the world’s finest collection of Khmer artistry, is a sight to behold. Every sculpture and bronze piece you see in the museum bring you up to date on the prosperous history of the nation. If you want to see the Khmer’s architectural brilliance, then a trip to the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda will leave you in wonder. The majestic details will make you appreciate the history and culture of Cambodia.

Phnom Penh is a cosmopolitan culinary scene with a plethora of delicious bites and savory food. Try the Lap Khmer (beef salad) for an equal experience of yummy meat and fresh greens. If you’re looking for an adventurous take on Khmer delicacies, then have a plate of Red Tree Ants with Beef. If you’re thinking of exploring the depths of Phnom Penh’s beverage culture, the emerging speakeasy bar culture can be experienced in the hidden alleys of the city.

Make your trip to Phnom Penh worth it by taking the time to visit other popular tourist spots. Take a tour of the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center and get up close and personal with the endangered animals. For an entertaining evening, catch the Cambodian Living Arts’ Theatre Show and go on a magical journey through Cambodian mythology and traditions. 

New Delhi, the eternal city. 

Invigorating and endlessly fascinating, you have reached the gateway to India’s Golden Triangle. One step into this growing metropolis and you can immediately get lost amidst the vibrant culture and folks leading you to an adventure of a lifetime.

From New Delhi, take a trip through the Golden Triangle, the tourist circuit connecting the capital to two other cities – Agra and Jaipur. Travel via coach and behold one of the world’s Seven Wonders, the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra. Or see for yourself Jaipur’s exceptional architecture in the Hawa Mahal palace. Widen your reach and discover what India has to offer.

India’s love for festivals speaks for how unique and breathtaking their traditions are. At spring time, you can fall in love with the joyful and colorful festival of Holi. Take part in throwing colored water and powder, celebrating the moment of rejoicing and utmost enthusiasm. Come October, you can celebrate the most important holiday, Diwali, a festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. As a result, locals prepare mouthwatering banquets and commemorate the momentous feast with explosions of fireworks in the sky.

New Delhi boasts of cuisines so bountiful, you’d want to try them all. If you’re looking for a little heat, you’d love the Mughalai curry, a rich and creamy Indian classic. Its fragrant spices and unexpected add-ons such as cashews and raisins bring a surprising depth to the taste of this meal. For a little spoonful of something familiar, try the Masala Dosa. It looks like a regular pancake, but once it lands on your tastebuds, you won’t stop eating.

Dressing like a prince or a princess in a storybook location is easy when you’re in town. You can find a good blend of clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, and the like at the weekly village market of Dilli Haat. Bring out the inner Picasso in you and discover artworks, Indian artifacts, brassware, and more in the Janpath Market. New Delhi is literally sprawling with bustling bazaar streets, you can’t miss out.

Create your own stories filled with culture and adventure by visiting three enchanting cities with the airline that can make it happen. Philippine Airlines has opened its new routes to these locations, 4x weekly to Hanoi starting March 31, 2019, 5x weekly to Phnom Penh starting April 1, 2019, and 4x weekly to New Delhi starting April 16, 2019.

Even before reaching these majestic cities, start the tale of your vacation on a high note with Philippine Airlines’ comfortable seats, inflight meals, a next-level inflight entertainment system, and a signature heartfelt service like no other. If you’re even planning to take home souvenirs, you may do so with free baggage allowance of up to 25kg for Economy Class Passengers and up to 35kg for Business Class Passengers. So what are you waiting for? The three storied cities of the Asia await! Book now and create your own timeless tales in Hanoi, Phnom Penh, and New Delhi!

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