10 Unforgettable Life Lessons That Made Us Fall in Love with The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory

All good things must come to an end and The Big Bang Theory bids farewell as well after 12 remarkable seasons and 279 episodes. The show will sign off as the longest-running multi-camera series in television history with a one-hour series finale on Friday, May 17, at 7:45pm – only on Warner TV.

The show has given us countless laughs for more than a decade. Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and our favorite leading ladies – Penny, Amy and Bernadette – have always been the ultimate #squadgoals even before the word became popular. Not only has the show given us a good laugh, but it’s also given us loads of life lessons to remember.

Before the beginning of the end, a #BigBangThrowback of unforgettable lessons that made us love the show is definitely in order:

10 unforgettable life lessons that made us fall in love with The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

1. Speak your mind

Sheldon’s “honesty” may come sometimes across as offensive, but being straightforward definitely saves time - especially when it comes to relationships.

The Big Bang Theory

2. Being smart is in

The nerdy debates over subatomic particles and equations made science appealing to the younger generations. Smart is the new sexy, right? Ask Penny, Bernadette and Amy!

The Big Bang Theory

3. True friends awkward dance with you

Whether it’s off-key singing or awkward dancing, they’ll join and celebrate with you and your accomplishments.

The Big Bang Theory

4. Nobody's perfect

If Sheldon Copper can admit that he was wrong, then you’ve got no excuse not to be humble.

The Big Bang Theory

5. You can be who you want to be

Just ask Sheldon. Bazinga!

The Big Bang Theory

6. Put yourself out there

If you want to be successful, you’ve got to put yourself out there and just do it.

The Big Bang Theory

7. You are never too old for anything

Adulting is hard and making decisions is even harder. But when life gets too stressful, take a step back and do what your inner child tells you --- swim in a pit of colorful balls and play rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock!

The Big Bang Theory

8. Stop overthinking

Too much overthinking will lead to panic attacks, just ask Leonard. If it’s not rocket science or string theory then it’s not worth overthinking about.

The Big Bang Theory

9. Get out of your comfort zone

You never know what you might discover about yourself when you try new things.

The Big Bang Theory

10. Any kitty is a good kitty

“Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur…”

Even if you’re not a cat person, the thought of a soft, warm, little ball of fur is surprisingly calming.

The countdown to the last episode has officially begun. Watch the episode promo here and don't miss the hour-long series finale of The Big Bang Theory on Warner TV (Cignal Ch. 235 and SkyCable Ch. 34) on May 17, 7:45pm.

The double-episode finale will be followed by the Season 2 finale of Young Sheldon.

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