Baking Made Easy with Chef Aileen Anastacio and Chef Miko Aspiras "A Piece of Cake" Book


It was a sweet and fulfilling afternoon for moms who joined Mom & Me at gourdo's Mother's Day celebration last May 12, 2019 at Mega Atrium of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong. Chef Miko Aspiras and Chef Aileen Atanacio conducted free hands-on workshop for moms to experience cake decorating.

While most of the moms who attended are already into baking, the tips and tricks shared by Chef Aileen come in handy for a newbie like me. The workshop got me more interested to try baking and the moms were super sweet to give me advice on the baking essentials I could buy from gourdo's.

While Chef Aileen made a live demo of the classic, Chef Miko showed his flair for creating extraordinary desserts. The collaboration of the two chefs makes them a perfect pair for the book "A Piece of Cake".

Aurora Calzada and daughter Sheila Marie celebrated Mother's Day at the gourdo's workshop for a long overdue mommy-daughter bonding. "I am always busy at work and even spend some weekends working. My mom is always left alone at home. When I've heard about the workshop, I know this is an activity we will both enjoy so I signed up," said Sheila. 

A Piece of Cake

A Piece of Cake is a dessert cookbook featuring 50 concepts with two approaches, one each for renowned chefs Aileen Anastacio and Miko Aspiras. It offers recipes that will cater to beginners and advanced. 

Classic take on the cheesecake with Chef Aileen Anastacio

"The timing was just perfect as I was due to write another book. While my last one was a real hit, that was still back in 2012. Miko approached me with the concept laid out, and I thought it was a great opportunity for collaboration. In all my books, I share classic recipes I know by heart, all tried and tested and borne from years of experience. We set up several meetings to flesh out the idea further. When we were finally set on what we wanted to do, Miko and I started scouting for a team," shared Chef Aileen.

Mommies showcasing their sophisticated cheesecake design with Chef Miko Aspiras

"I had an idea a few years ago: to create a cookbook that will feature recipes in two executions: homey and approachable, and the other, modern and avant-garde. I always thought of doing it on my own, but a chance meeting with Aileen during a brand event in Boracay made me consider her as my partner for this dream project. I had always known her from her cakes and confections I enjoyed as a kid. When I finally found the chance to speak to her, I wasted no time and did a pitch of my concept", Chef Miko added.

The mommies who bought the "A Piece of Cake" book had the chance to have their books signed by Chef Aileen and Chef Miko and posed for a photo op.

The book is available for purchase at gourdo's branches and sells for P1,500.00 or you could place your order online at