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Are you currently job hunting? 

Workbank, an online talent solutions platform, believes that finding the right job match can be exciting and rewarding. The youth or any Filipino looking for a new job should be encouraged when sifting through the lists of potential employers.

Workbank carried out an Intercept Survey in November to get an overview of what motivates the Filipino youth when looking for possible employment. The survey reveals that 33% of respondents, 19-24 years old, consider better pay as the main factor in accepting a job offer, while 32% said they would go for a job that would allow them enough flexibility to still work and do things that they love. The rest wants a job that offers them professional development.

Workbank, was introduced to the Philippines by Aventus Informatics, a tech company in India, in 2017 to invest in Filipinos and help them connect with the right job opportunities across the country. The online platform is designed to make information and resources easily accessible when deciding on what job to apply for.

According to the January 2018 Labor Force Survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority, 18 million of the 47 million employed workers in the country belong to the youth sector.

"Workbank continuously works to provide young people the resources to start and progress in the careers they aspire for," said Workbank Country Head Reggie Fernandes.

In utilizing technology, Workbank designed matching tools for job hunters and recruiters to find the right job for them. The time saved can be used for looking for other matches. This widens the job hunters’ opportunities and gives them more options. Workbank's complete recruitment tool allows recruiters to track their candidate from the beginning of the application to the hiring process.

"Our smart job matching tools not only connect you to the jobs that meet your qualifications but enable recruiters to find you and offer you better opportunities," shared Fernandes.

Workbank's investment with the youth comes also in the form of training with partners Grab and Zalora to arm them with additional employment skills. Recruiters not only look for degrees and diplomas but also skills that would benefit companies and organizations. The training sessions will give them an edge over other applicants in terms of competency and proficiency.

Upon signing up on Workbank, job hunters qualify for a P100-discount on a Grab ride when they use it going to the job interview. For a minimum spend of P1,500 on Zalora, new signees on Workbank get P300 off. For fresh graduates who are asked for a transcript of records and diploma, another Workbank partner, will give 20% discount for document processing upon signing up.

The referral system works best for both the applicants and recruiters. It helps not only the referrer because they earn something extra that they can use in other job-hunting requirements but also the one being referred to because they also get closer to the right job fit. The more talents the more options for recruiters and the bigger is the possibility that they would employ the person they are looking for.

The top 10 referrers for the month receive Sodexo Premium Pass Gift Certificates. They also have a chance to win as much as P7,000 worth of GCs.

“Workbank believes that investing in talents by empowering them with resources to help them land the job they aspire for will encourage them more to look for their perfect fit and not settle for anything less,” said Fernandes. “Landing a job is harder, staying is the hardest so it is important that from the beginning, applicants have the option to compare potential employment and grab the ones that answer their reasons for applying.”

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