LG XBOOM speakers bring life to the party


From dancing the night away at a party, chilling in a pool with your friends, or simply listening to your favorite tunes while doing chores at home, sound brings enjoyment from all walks of life. LG, through its new XBOOM line of speakers, has tried to capture the essence of the love for music by engineering the sound for your passion. Music plays an important role in our life so whatever your lifestyle is, whether you’re always on-the-go, a homebody, or a party animal, LG promises to deliver superior sound, unique features, and exceptional convenience.

To bring their XBOOM speakers to the next level, LG has collaborated with Meridian, the British pioneers and one of the pillars of High-Resolution audio. They are trailblazers in digital audio and their technology is actually used in premium British car brands such as McLaren, Jaguar, and Land Rover. With Meridian’s unrivalled sound quality and pioneering approach to audio, and LG’s reputation for producing award-winning, innovative consumer electronics, this partnership promises to deliver premium products with quality sound for everyone.

One of its newest products that comes with Meridian technology is the LG XBOOM Go PK5. The PK5 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with no compromises. It boasts of Dual Passive Radiators that act like mini bass drivers. This, coupled with its Enhanced Bass technology, ensure a larger and much more substantial sound. LG XBOOM Go PK5 also comes equipped with APTX ™ HD built-in, allowing you to stream 24-bit high fidelity audio without compromising sound quality. Bluetooth normally compresses large lossless files, but with the PK5, you experience all the nuances each song has to offer.

The LG XBOOM Go PK5 has a robust 18-hour battery life, an X-Grip handle for portability and structural protection, and is also IPX5 Water Resistant.

If you need to bring something big and bold to the party, the LG XBOOM RK7 has to be in the conversation. The RK7 has a whopping 550 watts of power, providing clear vocals coming from dual tweeters and deep bass from dual woofers. Even with its size, this speaker easily adapts to its environment. It can be used vertically or horizontally, and you can change its lighting to fit the mood.

One of the biggest problems with Bluetooth speakers is that only one device can be connected. Whatever they choose to play, you’re stuck with it. With the RK7 (and the RL4), two devices can be connected simultaneously. Like the PK5, the RK7 also has APT-X™ HD built-in, giving you crisp high-fidelity sound even when you’re streaming through Bluetooth.

With the RK7, you can make your DJ dreams a reality. Through the DJ App (available on Android devices), you can scratch, loop, and add all the effects you want through your fingertips. If you’re more of a singer than a DJ, you can use the Karaoke Star feature instead. With a push of a button, you can cancel out the vocals in a song, automatically giving you a karaoke track where you can sing to your heart’s content. The song still a bit too high for you? There’s a Key Changer button as well.

For something still powerful but a lot more compact, the LG XBOOM RL4 is the answer. With 5 inch dual woofers and 150 watts output, the RL4 gives a powerful commanding presence without taking too much space. Moreover, you can use it vertically or horizontally. It’ll still give you flawless sound no matter the orientation.

You can set the mood and create the right atmosphere for the party by changing the color lighting, while you can create your own Karaoke tracks by using the built-in voice canceller and key changer. Feeling adventurous? Experiment and sing with another voice! The RL4 has up to 18 voice effects, from Bass, Soprano, to even Duets. You can also try your luck becoming a DJ for the night with the easy-to-use DJ App (available on Android devices).

Here’s a handy guide on how they stack up with one another

LG’s new XBOOM line also comes with very reasonable and attractive prices, with the PK5 priced at P 7,490, the RL4 at P 11,990, and the RK7 at P 17,990. They are available at leading appliance stores nationwide.