Enjoy Avocado year-round at Avocadoria SM City Masinag


Avocado is my favorite fruit. I simply scoop it out in a bowl, pour fresh milk, add sugar, and ice cubes. But it's always a hit or miss when I buy because I don't know how to spot a perfect avocado. Either it's too veiny or there's a bitter taste. 

When I heard about a small stall along Marcos Highway selling avocado dessert, I got super excited. It's near my place but somehow inaccessible for me. And then Avocadoria started opening branches in malls and I find myself ardently wishing for a branch in SM Masinag.

I must have done something good because my wish was granted. Avocadoria opened a branch in SM Masinag and I was invited on the opening day! I've been curious for so long as to how good tasting their avocado-based desserts are. I've been reading a lot of social media posts and some of my friends are raving about it. I must taste it first to know if it's not just a hype like the once famous mango-graham dessert.

I had the Avocado Lover. I was told every Avocadoria first-timer should order this before trying out the other products. One spoonful and I'm sold! Avocadoria by The Taste of Czaczacza is my new comfort food! 

Avocado Lover is made of soft ice cream layered with homemade cream and crushed biscuits, tapioca pearls, avocado chunks, almond bits, and a dash of flax and chia seeds. I'm into flax and chia seeds so I find this dessert somehow a healthy indulgence.

Avocadoria uses REAL avocado fruit!

Some may say that the products of Avocadoria are a bit pricey. Well, it's because you get the best quality ingredients for your dessert. The taste is so worth the price. Chef Czarina Ancheta Jagto spent days perfecting her avocado ice cream and shakes and she'll guarantee they are available year-round.

Avocadoria also offers other avocado desserts, like the Avocado Dream (P90), an avocado ice cream shaped like a real avocado and the Avocado Ice Cream Cheesecake served in tin can consists of smooth and light cream cheese, creamy avocado topped with white chocolate gourmet with chopped pistachios, almonds, cashew, and walnuts. Avocadoria also has a selection of avocado shakes made with real avocado with pearls, chia and flax seeds which you can top with more avocado, mango, chico, guyabano, or jackfruit.

Visit Avocadoria at the Upper Ground Level of SM City Masinag.