Indulge in Asian street food at MOA Asian Food Fest 2019

For you to truly experience a place, you must eat what the locals eat. Sampling Asian street food is a must for every tourist. I don't want to be biased because I'm an Asian but our food offers a variation of flavors worthy to explore.

Spicy Chili Amook from Korea's Samjin Amook

No passport? No problem! You can go on a gastronomic adventure at the MOA Asian Food Fest 2019 and discover the well-loved street foods of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines. Each country's well-loved local delicacies are available at the Main Atrium from October 21 - 27, 2019.

Turn Japanese and satisfy your cravings for okonomiyaki from Dohtonbori, yakitori and onigiri from Kyoto's Tori Ichi, gyoza and tempura from Tenya and freshly baked goodies from Kumori. 

Jim's Recipe from Malaysia brings it's famous fluffy sponge cake to the Philippines. It opened its first store in the country at SM Mall of Asia. The original sponge cake (PhP180) and the cheese sponge cake (PhP250) comes in a handy take-out box.

Xiao Long Pao from Shi Shi Noodle House

Get ready for a treat for the Chinese food lovers. Have a taste of authentic dishes from Shi Shi Noodle House, Masuki, and grilled Sichuan feast from Hediu.

Taiwan's Coco Milk Tea

When I say Taiwan, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Of course, it's MILK TEA! Quench your thirst with Taiwan's Coco and Yi Fang!

Not to be missed out is the Pambansang Meryenda ng Pilipinas! The famous turon with langka of SM Hypermarket is one of the Philippines favorite street food.

It's also very heartwarming that we Filipinos still love our very own. I also can't help but bring home a pasalubong of polvoron, pastillas, and organic salted egg.

Here's the complete list of the participating restaurants so you'd be able to plan your food adventure :)

πŸ“CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice - Philippines
πŸ“Jim's Recipe Ph
πŸ“Kumori Philippines
πŸ“Macao Imperial Tea Philippines
πŸ“Samjin Amook
πŸ“Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar
πŸ“YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea - Philippines
πŸ“Shi-Shi Noodle House
πŸ“Hediu Grill Station SM MOA SM By the Bay
πŸ“Tenya Philippines
πŸ“Masuki Noodle House
πŸ“Bonchon Chicken Philippines

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