Guerrero Dos Tuloy ang Laban Red Carpet Premiere at SM Megamall


Guerrero Dos Tuloy ang Laban held it's red carpet premiere night at the Cinema 3 of SM Megamall last October 29. The cast and special guests were in attendance to support the third film venture of EBC Films. 

Guerrero Dos Tuloy and Laban was written and directed by the multi-awarded director Carlo Ortega Cuevas . PMPC Star Awards 2017 Best Child Actor Julio Sabenorio plays the lead role. Julio portrayed Miguel, a young boy who brought smile to the people he met at the hospital where his brother Ramon is in comatose. Actor and director Arturo de Guzman, newcomer Mia Suarez, and Victor Neri are also part of the cast.

Guerrero Dos Tuloy ang Laban is an inspiring film thar reminds us we are all "Guerreros" or warriors. We get hurt and we cry at times. There are trials along the way but we should never give up.

The film will be shown in cinemas nationwide and abroad.