A look into a full-time blogger's life


I have some friends who think that all a blogger does is attend parties and have fun. I cannot blame them because they see my Facebook check-ins, Instagram photos, and selfies with celebrities. Let me give you a look into a full-time blogger's life.

I started blogging in 2013. I did not see the earning opportunity from blogging back then. I just share on my blog my food and travel experiences. I would have 5-10 readers a day. I don't care if not many people are reading my posts. I just want to write. 

I often get asked, "You left your day job. How do you earn from blogging?" And I tell them, "I don't earn anything. I just get invited to events."

I know most of them think I'll go broke someday while others want the life I have. 

Well, that was just the start of my full-time blogging journey. I have plans and set goals. Google is my friend whenever I need to learn something new. Blogging is not all about writing. You also need to have photography, marketing, social media, and public relations skills. 

I check my email first thing in the morning and before going to bed. I need to invest in my blog domain, email address, and even clothes to wear during events.

What you see is the partying and the fun part. But when I get home, I still have to edit the photos, write the article, and share it on social media. Bloggers don't get monetary compensations all the time. Most of the travel and hotel accommodations are 50% (sometimes 75%) work before we get to enjoy the place. But still, that's sponsored fun :)

But of course, I don't want to remain a-dime-a-dozen blogger. Blogging became my stepping stone to something that pays -- freelance writing. My blog is now not just a depository of free PR postings and post-event articles. I host sponsored articles and I get paid for writing for a brand or campaign. I also get invited to events that compensate bloggers for attending.

If you ask me now, "How do you make money in blogging?" I can say I get paid writing articles for clients abroad while enjoying attending events in the Philippines. Google AdSense also pays me for every ad click. 

When my blog reached 1,000,000 visits in December 2018, more opportunities came my way. I got busier but remain happy doing what I love. And to welcome 2020, I made it to the list of Feedspot's Top 50 Philippines Lifestyle Blogs on the internet and feel so honored. My hard work paid off and it inspires me to keep on working hard.

Blogging for me now is not all about passion. It is still work, but I love the flexibility and the freedom to choose the "work" I want to do. It was financially challenging during the first few years but I never regret my decision of walking away from the corporate and pursuing the dream job of becoming a blogger. Believe me when I say that when you love what you do, it will never feel like work.